5 Tips and Tricks You NEED to KNOW Before Starting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Published 11/19/2022, 6:07 PM EST

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the ninth generation installment in the mainline series of games of the franchise. These games mark the beginning of a new era in the series, from brand new additions in the formula, such as an open-world nonlinear progression, transitionless battles, and much more. 


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It doesn’t matter if one is a beginner or a veteran of the series. This new world may feel very overwhelming at first. The vastness of the maps and the huge variety of fresh new features can easily be puzzling. But worry not- we know it is dangerous to go alone out there. So in this time of need, we hope these five tips may be the guide for your epic adventure in the world of Pokemon. 


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The world of Scarlet and Violet is new and still not completely discovered. But so far, the community has explored quite a chunk of what the games have to offer and figured out some helpful tips for the new trainers joining the fray.

#5 Obedience system 

These games are absolutely open-world and nonlinear. This means players can just go to the other edge of the map and catch high-level pokemon in the early game, which may ruin the overall progressions.

To prevent this, the obedience system has been implemented in the game, where to have a pokemon of a certain level following the instructions of the trainer- they have to get a certain amount of gym badges. 


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But this limitation can be completely overlooked in the “Tera Raids” of the game. The obedience system doesn’t apply in the Tera raids. Players with any number of gym badges can have any level of pokemon fight in the Tera raids, and they will still follow their commands.  

#4 Get Driftloon

One of the most vital addition to any team in scarlet and violet is Driftloon. With the aftermath ability, it can be invaluable. This ability chips off a quarter of an enemy pokemon’s health bar when the host dies. This effect can be very strong against higher-level pokemon or boss pokemons, especially if the player keeps on reviving the Driftloon. 

An early Driftloon with the aftermath ability can be very helpful in clearing challenging routes, such as the Titan Route very early in the game. 

#3 Pickup Pokemons 

Every main series pokemon game has filer pokemons or pickup pokemons. These pokemon are very versatile for teaching necessary moves. But Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are very limited in the selection of Pickup pokemons. But so far, the players have discovered that the most versatile and useful pickup pokemons in these games are Phanpy and Greavard. 


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#2 Mystery Gifts

Exchanging or trading pokemons via the internet has become a norm in the recent installments of the series. The mystery trades can sometimes be very useful and other times be completely worthless, but it is a very worthy gamble when it hits. Exchanging the redeem code from the pre-orders (if you have one) is also a great starting boost. 

#1 Make use of the open world


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Unlike the previous installments, Pokemon scarlet and Violet are completely non-linear, which means you can do whatever you want. So use it to your own advantage. Go on areas with higher-level pokemons and cheese your way out, climb on places you shouldn’t, or do whatever else you want. There are no limitations at all. Have as much fun as you want on the first open-world pokemon games ever.   

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