$54Million Man MrBeast’s Staggering Africa Project Results In One “Of My Favourite Videos We’ve Made”

Published 05/22/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

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Jimmy MrBeast Donaldson has given one more reason to his fans to love him. He recently flew to an eastern hemisphere country to build something that is a basic necessity in this world. It is not a secret that MrBeast is constantly working to make the world a better place.


We all saw his #teamtrees campaign, where he raised 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees. He also conducted another campaign called #teamseas to clean up dirty beaches and seas. This event was another fundraiser like the previous one that turned out to be a great success as Jimmy collected over $30 million in funds. 


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Jimmy Donaldson’s trip to Africa turns out to be a huge success

MrBeast owns a channel called Beast Philanthropy, where he uploads videos of kind doing with the community. Even though the channel is just a year old, it has over 8.36 million subscribers, with most of the videos crossing the 5 million views mark. In the past, MrBeast saved hurricane survivors, fed 10,00 families for thanksgiving, and given away meals worth a million dollars. But that’s just history as the man has stepped up his game. 


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This time, he traveled to an African country, Cameroon, to build wells. The ongoing project is in collaboration with a charity called CDVTA for two villages, Mbouda and Foumbot. The villages suffer from water scarcity throughout the year, and the villagers have to survive on water containing parasites and germs.

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Thanks to the MrBeast project, they will now have two wells pumping 10,000 liters of water every day. The first well will dig down to 180 meters, while the second will go up to 270, serving fresh and clean water to the twelve thousand people. As a result, every person will have approximately two liters of water per day, worth much more than before. 

MrBeast’s favorite video

The villages mentioned in the video had much worse conditions as kids ran away from schools due to a lack of drinking water. Also, people living there did not wash their hands before eating. The condition is hard to imagine and looks worse, which is why MrBeast has decided to make the change.


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Even though the project will be one of the toughest ones, his team will make it happen. After all, it is a question of many people living like this for years together. 


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