A Man Got Hands on the Highly-Demanded PlayStation 5 for Just $147

Published 11/09/2022, 1:50 PM EST

Sony PlayStation 5 is the most-demanded video game console. However, the Japanese multinational company cannot meet those demands due to the shortage of supply and logistic issues. And these problems eventually led to an increment in the console’s price. However, a Piarco man paid only $147 to take home the PS5.

Sony launched this next-generation console in November 2020 as the successor to the successful PlayStation 4. Soon after the release of PS5, it became a fan-favorite. Despite the supply shortage, the Japanese giants have managed to sell over 21.4 million units of the next-generation console.


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A user grabbed a PlayStation 

There have been reports about a man fooling an electronic store employee into selling a new PlayStation 5 for just $147. This incident happened in Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago. Apparently, a man bought various phone gadgets, including the latest-generation Sony console, from a local store in Piarco. He had a bill of $6,695 for all the items he bought.

So, the Piarco man left the place with the console and other accessories after paying that over six thousand dollar bill with a brown envelope full of cash. However, the store’s employee simply took the envelope without checking it while the man was there. But later, upon checking, the employee was shocked to find that the envelope only had a $100 and 47 $1 notes.


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So, the Piarco man just paid $147 for items worth $6,695. After discovering this act, the employee immediately reported this incident at the Piarco Police Station. Currently, the police are looking into the matter and trying to find the man.

How did Twitter react to this PS5 theft?

The PlayStation fans and the general video game enthusiasts were shocked to know someone had pulled off such a theft. Moreover, the fans heavily criticize the employee for selling the PlayStation 5 and other gadgets without checking the envelope. The majority believes this wouldn’t have happened if the employee had paid more attention to his work. Let’s look at some of the criticizing comments from the fans.


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What are your thoughts about this crime of fooling an employee into selling a new PS5 for $147? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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