Activision Announces Free Access Week for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Along With Outbreak

February 24, 2021 12:42 am

The Season 2 hype train for Call of Duty is taking the internet by storm. The accidental trailer reveal gave rise to speculations regarding the upcoming zombies game mode. Now that the ultimate teaser and trailer for the upcoming season is out, fans can’t wait for it to arrive. More news from the developers suggests that Activision is now planning to roll out a free access week of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War for all players.

This will begin from February 25 and carry on till March 4. Gamers can freely choose between Multiplayer and Zombies experience, coupled with new maps and game modes like ‘Outbreak’ and so on.

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Free access week for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War to offer amazing content

The developers of the title shared a blog post that contained all the information about things that are yet to come.

Zombie mode Outbreak: The next major patch for Black Ops Cold War will bring a sea of changes that the fans will appreciate. Starting with ‘Outbreak’, the Season 2 update will introduce an armada of new content. Outbreak mode has captured fans’ imagination as it enables the players to take on the zombie horde in an open world environment. Players will finally be able to fight the zombie horde away from the tight-knit corners of sandbox styled map.

This new mode will set the centered stage of the zombie’s story in Ural Mountains. It will allow up to a squad of 4-players to take on a wide variety of zombies that will unleash on the mountain region.

Zombie mode Onslaught (PlayStation only): This exclusive zombie mode for PlayStation owners will see two players taking on the horde. Gamers will be able to play this game mode on the entire catalog of multiplayer maps, including the new Season 2 map, Apocalypse.

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Double XP weekend, new map, game modes and more

The franchise will welcome fresh changes to the title with the Season 2. Players will finally jump into the new Apocalypse map that will bring a new set of challenges in multiplayer mode. The upcoming weekend will also be a double XP one for both weapons and account for you to grind. Not only that, the player base will also get to see newer game modes added for 2v2 action along with 3v3 arenas. Fans will now be able to play Team Death Match, Gun Game, Kill Confirmed and other modes in these smaller arenas.

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