Adin Ross Claims “Ripping Up the Contract” and Going to Rumble if Kick Fails to Cope With This Request

Published 05/31/2023, 6:50 AM EDT

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The streaming wars are getting heated with new platforms popping up. The battle was initially between Twitch vs YouTube. When Trainwreckstv announced his move to Kick and Adin Ross also joined him on the move, many thought they will have a new worthy contender. But, Kick has slowed down its pace to acquire streamers whereas Rumble has taken a considerable lead. 

The new platform has acquired rights to Kai ‘N Cenat Show and also bagged the OTK founder Mizkif for streaming there. This news has concerned Ross about the future of the platform he chose. In his recent stream, he shared a strongly worded request for the platform.

Adin Ross warns Kick about his future on the platform


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In his latest Kick stream, Ross was ecstatic about the return of another famous streamer, RiceGum. RiceGum returned to the YouTube on April 2023. This return prompted Ross to speculate RiceGum would need a streaming platform soon. And he wanted his platform to take the lead. He said, “If we do not do everything in our power to sign RiceGum, we are f***ed.”


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Adin Ross continued on to say Rumble getting their hand on the returning streamer would be much worse news. He warned Kick about his future actions, stating, “I’m ripping up the contract and going over there [Rumble].”

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He said he would leave Kick if the platform fails to acquire RiceGum. However, this all was just an act from Ross’ side. He later revealed to the viewers that he was joking about leaving, though he still would like RiceGum to join the platform. “But look, I’m pretty confident we can get RiceGum,” Ross claimed.

These comments have intrigued the fans about the future plans of Kick and Ross. Looking at the history between the two streamers, it would be a good move to get them two together. The collaborative stream between RiceGum and Adin Ross will surely break the internet. And this would definitely mean more business for Kick.


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