Adin Ross Had Prophesied the 16-Year-Old IShowSpeed Would Be “The Next Big Thing”

Published 11/06/2023, 6:38 AM EST

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The rise of IShowSpeed as a creator has to be one of the most inspiring stories in the streaming world. Speed recently reached 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel stepping into the next big chapter of his content creation journey. While this is a huge moment for Speed, turns out a fellow streamer saw this success coming. Here’s an interesting story of how Adin Ross had predicted Speed’s success in his struggling days. 

Adin Ross and IShowSpeed have been close associates and have always admired each other’s work. The duo has featured in a lot of streams together. Yet, a lot of people might not be aware of the history that both streamers share. Seems like Adin Ross had a significant role to play during the early days of IShowSpeed. 

Mike Majlak talks about Adin Ross’ confidence in IShowSpeed! 


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In a recent podcast, the trio of KSI, Logan Paul, and Mike Majlak talked about the ongoing trends in streaming culture. During the discussion, the creators talked about Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s dominance in the industry in recent times. Adding to the conversation, Mike Majlak spilled some beans from the past about how Adin Ross had predicted Speed’s success when the latter was just 16 years old! 

Speed thing’s crazy. Adin honestly is good at spotting talent. I remember he told me that Speed was going to be the real deal. Speed was 16. He said ‘This kid’s gonna be the next big thing’ and I want him to move into the house,” Mike stated. 

Besides this piece of prophecy, the creator talked about how the sixteen-year-old Speed living with Adin Ross and Mike wasn’t an ideal living arrangement for him initially.

I gave Adin s**t about him moving into the house because he was so young. Speed lived in the house for a couple of months. Looking back now I think I was so turned off by the idea that we had an underager in the house that I didn’t give him the respect that I know he deserves now,” the creator added to his confession. 

Along with Majlak, KSI and Logan Paul had some kind words as well for Speed and Cenat.

KSI and Logan Paul also praise Speed

Prime owners KSI and Logan Paul also didn’t keep away from expressing their thoughts on the current “biggest mainstream streamers of the industry.” While addressing the potential audience of live streams, they discussed how the duo of Kai Cenat and Speed cater to a wide spectrum of young audiences. 


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Talking about Speed’s personality, KSI stated, Bro! He’s so naturally entertaining. You can put him into an empty room and he could entertain for hours. He’s so good at it. Like we gave him prompts and he just runs with it.” Speed and KSI have collaborated previously, like with the “irl Training with KSI,” which currently has 67K likes on YouTube.

Logan Paul meanwhile, was all praise as well, stating, “a hundred and ten percent for every prompt he has so much energy like him and Kai both I think are like really special.”


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Unarguably, Adin Ross’ prediction has aged like a fine wine.

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