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“Adin Ross Manages To Be Dumber…”- HasanAbi Is Infuriated After the Infamous Streamer’s Recent Copyright Shenanigans

Published 05/01/2023, 10:15 AM EDT

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The 22-year-old streamer has been in the spotlight path ever since the end of 2022. Ross adopted many new aspects to his life as a part of his 2023 goals, and these have reaped controversy after controversy for the streamer. Known to be a prominent face of Kick, Ross has yet again made the headline.

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Adin Ross caused a YouTuber to suffer a massive profit loss. His action was related to HasanAbi, and the former won’t be letting it slide this time.

HasanAbi calls out Adin Ross’ ‘false’ actions


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Hasan Piker has been a vocal figure against the actions done by infamous millionaire Andrew Tate. But, interestingly, his statements against Tate infuriated many others as well. Among them is Adin Ross, who is a known confidante of Tate. Thus, his disagreement with HasanAbi had pushed Piker to take him also under his critique radar.

Ross on the other hand had plans of his own. The recent one of this complex relationship is regarding a copyright claim against the content page ‘Internet Anarchist’. According to statements, Adin Ross copyright claimed the video posted by this very content page regarding the recent MoistCr1TiKaL vs Sneako fight. This claim was quite expensive for Internet Anarchist. Ross himself was seen boasting and claiming about how he was able to ‘steal’ $8000 from the page.


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The controversial statements by Ross did not end there. He went on to claim that the Internet Anarchist was HasanAbi’s head moderator. After he stated these through his recent stream, Piker claimed otherwise. The content page in question was in no way associated with Hasan, and these are supposedly false claims made by Adin Ross.


“Adin Ross manages to be dumber and dumber every single f*****g day,” state Piker in his latest stream. The icing on the cake was not just this. Apparently, it is not the first time Ross has been causing such a copyright ruckus for Hasan. According to Piker, the video ‘Andrew Tate CANNOT HANDLE My Questions’ also received a copyright claim. This was a video where HasanAbi was in a Zoom call discussion with Tate, Ross, and others, and it seems that Ross through a third-party organization has claimed the rights to that video.


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After all these headaches caused by the Kick partner, Hasan won’t let it slide. “I will literally, personally pay the legal fees of other Instagram models or people who hate Adin Ross, who has appeared on his stream to sue him for every f*****g dime he has,” stated HasanAbi.

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If Ross can claim the content that Hasan posted, the same scenario could be applied to Adin’s content as well. This would surely be an interesting approach, especially as Adin is in the bad book of many popular figures. An online war between the two streamers can be felt brewing, and only time will tell what events will unfold in the coming weeks or months.

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