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Adin Ross’s False $150 Million Deal Rumor Busted by the Kick Platform Owner Trainwreckstv

Published 03/01/2023, 8:30 AM EST

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For the past couple of weeks, a new drama has stirred across the esports industry featuring Adin Ross. The 22-year-old has become the shining knight, making headlines every day. It all started when Twitch banned him from the platform. Then, Adin signed a multi-million dollar contract with Kick, another upcoming streaming platform. This news broke the internet, marking a new chapter in Ross’s life. 

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Within minutes, his popularity soared to new heights as thousands of fans hooped on to Kick to watch his stream. Still, a question lingered in everyone’s mind about whether the mentioned deal amount was true. After all, based on Adin’s current activities, it felt like a lot, as sources claimed him to make around $100k from Twitch monthly. Kick’s owner found this issue to be critical and revealed crucial information during the recent stream with Adin and Jake Lucky. 

Trainwreckstv reveals shocking details about the Adin Ross $150 million deal 


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On March 1, 2023, Adin Ross, Jake Lucky, and Kick’s owner Trainwreckstv were all featured on a stream. The former had hosted it to clear the misunderstandings between himself and Jake Lucky, as the two have been going against each other for quite some time. Apparently, Adin did not like what the popular journalist had to say, leading him to slide into his DMs. 

“I’m Just Going to Tell You Guys Now, I Don’t Give a F**K”: Adin Ross Who Signed a $150 Million Contract Reveals His Take on Popular Streamers Re-Thinking Their Decision About Leaving Twitch

But well, it was clear that the duo might sort things out, and well, that turned out nice. However, that remained the highlight of the stream only for a while as Trainwreckstv stole the spotlight with his statements. Sadly, he fired shots at Adin’s ‘updates’ page that claimed he signed a $150 million deal with Kick. 


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“Don’t listen to that Adin updates page, that motherf**ker bu*llsh*tting,” he said. Then, Jake hopped into the conversation, asking whether the deal amount was actually true. And to everyone’s surprise, even Adin agreed to it, stating that he never publicly revealed his contract details on the internet. So, there was no way for any leaker to confirm amounts as nobody knew the ‘factual’ one. “My man is putting factual s*it out there and using three factual statements to back up the fourth one,” Train added to conclude the conversation. 

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Overall, the information about Ross signing a $150 million deal with the upcoming streaming platform Kick might not be entirely true. It is still a mystery how much Kick is paying Adin as a part of their deal. But for starters, it does not feel enough as he had raised his concerns on stream. 



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