MrBeast has taken over the Internet to become one of the few content creators to cross the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube. One of the things the YouTuber became famous for is his giveaways. He gives different things to other content creators as well as his viewers. In this vein, MrBeast gave YouTuber Fidias a present, yet when Fidias found the surprise, he was left shocked over what was in the box!

MrBeast recently gave the YouTuber Fidias a box with some MrBeast chocolates. However, when Fidias found the box, he was left bamboozled once again.

MrBeast gifts Fidias chocolate


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Fidias is on the list of YouTubers with a rapidly rising subscriber count. He takes on challenges similar to those MrBeast took on. However, he puts his own spin on it, making it much more difficult to complete.

In one of his videos, Fidias revealed MrBeast sent him a gift. After asking his mother where the gift is, she tells him it is with his brother. The gift turns out to be a box of MrBeast’s Deez Nuts chocolates. Although Fidias finally finds the gift, he is still in for a surprise.

The box that should be full of chocolates is empty! Fidias’ brother ate all the chocolates inside the box. Looks like someone enjoyed MrBeast’s gift, even if it did not reach the person it was meant to reach! The box of chocolates ranks among the top products MrBeast created as part of his brand. With Feastables, MrBeast entered the chocolate industry, with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay loving the chocolate bar in the Willy Wonka video.

Fidias receives chocolate following his hug with Elon Musk

The gift is among the list of positives for YouTuber Fidias. Before he received the chocolates from MrBeast, he accomplished a long-running goal of the channel: hugging Elon Musk.

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Fidias’ quest to hug tech magnate Elon Musk finally came to its conclusion earlier this year. It marked the end of a journey that lasted over a hundred days. It began when he put out a tweet, asking Musk to reply to him on direct messages to arrange a hug.


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To Fidias’ surprise, Musk reached out to the YouTuber. Once Musk’s security team had the YouTuber’s contact details, it took nearly a little while for Fidias to hug Musk. After living near Twitter HQ and dealing with his passport being stolen, Fidias finally accomplishes his mission to hug Musk. A heartwarming moment indeed!


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What did you think of MrBeast’s gift? Have you tried the chocolates yet? Let us know in the comment section!

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