Nintendo has been keeping its fans happy with constant new updates for all of its recently released games. Splatoon 3 players are gearing up for its Chill Season 2022 update. Mario Kart fans are getting a new crop of tracks soon. And Nintendo Switch Sports players have got the long-awaited “Golf Update”.

The Golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports is available for download to all Switch Sports owners. The update finally adds as the name suggests, Golf to Nintendo Switch Sports, along with a number of new quality-of-life features.

For one, players can now play a game of Golf on their Switch with friends and family. It would also come with a shot assist mode, to make the game a little more beginner friendly. The new update has also added a Lan mode to Nintendo Switch Sports. LAN mode would allow gamers to play with people that are on the same network as them.


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Players have a mixed reaction to this addition. Some are very excited, while others mention that this game should have been included from the very beginning.

Finally, the update’s changelog also suggests that it fixes a number of bugs and glitches.

One-stop sports game for Nintendo Switch owners

The game is based in Spocco Square, a multi-sport facility through which players get access to these sports. Other than Golf, Nintendo Switch Sports offers players access to six more sports, such as Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Chambara, and Tennis to try their hands with.

All the above-mentioned games have pretty detailed control schemes to make the player’s experience as realistic as possible. Nintendo has used the dynamic nature of Joy-con controllers in order to give players some flexibility with controls too.


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For those new to the series, Switch Sports is the latest in the Nintendo Sports game series. The series first debuted on the Nintendo Wii system as Wii Sports, which became the most selling Nintendo Wii game of all time.

Thanks to its easy-to-learn gameplay, it quickly became a go-to game for many people looking to have fun with their families. And it’s easy-to-learn nature also allowed a number of players who never played a video game before to get into it pretty easily.


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With Switch Sports, the company continues its tradition of making games that are fun for everyone.

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