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Ali-A Rages After His Fortnite Account is Hacked by Preston

Published 02/05/2021, 2:44 PM EST

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YouTuber Preston, the owner of the channel TBNRFrags, recently uploaded a video revealing that he hacked fellow YouTuber Ali-A’s Fortnite account. Following that, Ali-A made a video reacting to the same. Preston’s previous Fortnite-related prank resulted in him gifting Fortnite world-cup winner Bugha over 1 million V-Buck’s.

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Preston begins the takeover by muting the beloved Fortnite background music. Preston decides to nickname Ali’s existing friends after realizing he’s not on Ali’s friend list. He gave Lachlan the nickname ‘trashplayer’ before renaming him ‘TBNRFrags’. Ali-A appreciates the fact that his fiancee Claire has been renamed to ‘Beautiful Woman’ and is not too distressed by the other nicknames. The end of this segment features Preston teasing to reveal the one player Ali-A has blocked on Fortnite.

Second, Preston changes Ali’s support a creator code to his own ‘TBNRFrags’ after which he embarks on a V-Bucks spending spree. Ali doesn’t enjoy this change as he quickly reverts it back to his own creator code. Preston goes on to gift the ‘Snake Eyes’ skin to the returning Vikkstar and the ‘B.R.U.T.E. Gunner’ skin to Mr. Savage. Preston also changes Ali-A’s regional setting. He changes his account region to the United States and gives him the Canadian flag. When Ali realizes a region can only be changed once a month, his frustration increases further.


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Preston then swaps Ali-A’s patented Guild skin (which resembles Ali-A) for the ‘Lada’ skin. After removing all other customization slots, Preston leaves Ali-A with his calling card, the Eagle emote, and the Fire banner. Additionally, Preston changes Ali’s language settings to Japanese and jumbles up his custom keybinds.


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The Aftermath Of Preston Vs Ali-A

Overall, this was a light-hearted prank by one of the game’s most beloved creators. Preston makes sure to leave Ali’s account with nearly 40,000 V-Bucks. Ali even refers to Preston as “the nicest hacker in the world” in his video. Admittedly, Ali is worried about a Fortnite Creative project he has been planning to reveal soon, but Preston does not expose this project.


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This prank has given both YouTubers lucrative videos. The combined 1.5 Million views and the fact that there is no bad blood to show for it speaks volumes of the success of this prank.


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