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All New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Modes Getting Introduced in Season 2

Published 02/10/2023, 1:50 PM EST

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Call of Duty is one of the most successful FPS game franchises in the world. Because of its success, fans have high expectations from the game’s developers. Modern Warfare II is one of the latest entries in the series, which has received praise for its visuals and gameplay. However, this game has received a great deal of criticism as well.

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The fans have criticized the game for not fixing the glitches and bugs. But on the other hand, the developers keep adding more exciting content for the fans to enjoy. Activision is soon going to release Season 2 of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer mode. Further, there would be lots of new modes for players to enjoy with this new season.



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The Infected game mode is well-known among the Call of Duty fans, as it was first introduced in the 2011-released Modern Warfare 3. This iconic game mode is famous for its thrilling and fast-paced action. This mode will release on the same day as Season 2, which is February 15.

In this Infected mode, the players need to try to survive as long as possible and avoid the infected squad of players. Further, every eliminated player respawns as an infected and seeks out their former teammates.


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Gun Game

Another classic Call of Duty mode, Gun Gume, is making its way into Modern Warfare II on February 18. This mode would test a player’s gun skill. Each elimination would award a new weapon from an 18-weapon rotation.

It’s worth noting that a melee kill in Gun Game will cost the opposing Operator to go one weapon down in the weapon rotation. The game is won by the person who achieves the last kill with a Throwing Knife.


The Grind is another classic game mode that was introduced in Modern Warfare 3. It will also release on MWII alongside Infected and Gun Game. This mode is similar to Kill Confirmed with an added twist, which is the enemy dog tags are stackable and need to be banked at one of two points on every map.

Players can collect a large number of tags and deposit them all together to gain more points. It is worth noting that a player will lose them if they get eliminated before depositing them at those points.


With the release of Season 2, the iconic Hardcore game mode will also return to Modern Warfare II and replace the Tier 1 playlist. This game mode was first introduced in the first Modern Warfare installment in 2007.

The new mode will include a mix of various traditional modes as well as veteran rulesets for all matches, like the decreased health which can only be regenerated by Stims shots, and also limited HUD.

Drop Zone

Another game mode from Modern Warfare 3 that is returning to the franchise is Drop Zone. This classic game mode would release during Season 2. Drop Zone is like a derivation of another classic mode called Hardpoint.

In Drop Zone, a Care Package would be sent to a marked location on the map or the occupied spot in every 15 minutes. This is an excellent addition for anyone looking to increase their kill count through killstreaks.

All or Nothing

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 2 will introduce another exciting mode called All of Nothing. In this mode, every player spawns with Throwing Knives, and a pistol with no ammo.

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The players will have various perks like Scavengers, where they can pick up ammunition after getting the first elimination and start climbing the scoreboard. The first to reach 20 kills will win this special free-for-all game mode match.


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One in the Chamber

All or nothing is not the only unique mode introduced in Season 2. Then they would like to try One in the Chamber. This game mode would be the hardest test of a Call of Duty player’s skill. This mode will also be released in-season like Drop Zone and All or Nothing.

All players would receive just a handgun with a single bullet in this mode. Each elimination will reward players with a second bullet, which may then be used to take down other players. So players might need to increase their headshot skills.


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Are you excited to try these upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II modes in Season 2? Let us know in the comments which game mode you are most excited about.



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