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American Youtuber Recreates $4,000,000 MrBeast Video With Only $20 Leaving Fans Stunned

Published 06/03/2023, 12:50 PM EDT

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MrBeast has reached unfathomable heights in the YouTube world. All his videos are fated to be a surefire hit. What sets him apart from other creators is his content creation formula. MrBeast’s videos always contain interesting challenges along with a philanthropic touch in them. His recent video is a prime example of what the formula contains. This formula has spawned an entire genre with other creators trying to replicate what MrBeast does.

America’s Favorite Video Today

One YouTuber named Ryan Trahan also attempted to recreate a video with this hit formula. However, he tried to do this on a budget. In his latest video titled I Made a MrBeast Video with $20, he set out to attempt exactly that.

YouTuber recreates MrBeast video with only $20


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Trahan attempted to recreate a hit MrBeast video of Last to Leave the Circle. Starting off his quest to recreate this, he bought some red paint to create a circle. However, the money to buy paint came out from the prize pool, decreasing the total prize money to $8.66. After creating a circle with paint, Trahan set out for the most important task, to find the contestants. This interaction was a funny one to watch, as Trahan tried to convince people to join for a prize of less than $10.

He did manage to convince 10 people to join, but four backed off at the last moment. To fill the remaining three spots, he got Tyler, a past MrBeast challenge contestant, and two of his close friends to join. Finally, the challenge commenced and two participants left in an instant.


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To take some more people out, Trahan introduced a challenge to play spike ball to the contestants. This challenge eliminated two more members. Next up, to feed the contestants Trahan got everyone McChickens. Sadly this too came out from the prize pool which decreased the prize pool to $3.26.

The YouTuber surprises the participants in a wholesome way


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However, the participants still persevered and in the end, one contestant managed to stay in the circle till the end to win the prize. But as the old adage goes hard work pays off, Trahan managed to surprise everyone. He finally revealed the actual prize and gifted the winner $10,000. Furthermore, he gifted every other participant $500.

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Interestingly, Trahan was also comparing stats with the MrBeast video he was recreating. While he did give out hefty prizes to the contestants, it was nowhere near the amount MrBeast spends. Trahan estimated MrBeast spends $4,000,000 to make this type of video, while he managed to do it in far less.


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What are your thoughts on this YouTuber trying to recreate a MrBeast video on a budget? Let us know in the comments section below.

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