Among Us Captain Role Overpowers Crewmates

February 23, 2021 11:33 pm

Watching content creators test Among Us mods is, frankly, quite fun. The year-long lockdown heavily popularized the game, and with it, its streamers. Watching OfflineTV crew engross themselves in a fun game makes the pandemic slightly more tolerable and a little less awful. Valkyrae won the Streamer of the Year Award, while Sykkuno and Pokimane got nominated for various awards, all thanks to Among Us.

SSundee, another popular content creator, rose to fame by testing and reviewing Among Us mods. He and his friends Sigils​, Ambrew, and Henwy make an amazing team, hunting the imposter down. He is among the few who caught the eye of big shots like PewDiePie. Recently he shared a video on his channel showing the gameplay for a “Super Crewmate” Captain mod in the game.

Among Us: Captain Role allows crewmate to teleport!

This mod not only allows one crewmate to teleport anywhere within the boundaries of the map, but also outside in open space where no one can spot them! This allows the captain to watch over the actions of the crew without being spotted. This, however, is the least broken feature of the mod.

The Captain can perform tasks within the blink of an eye. He simply needs to click on the “Use” button and the task completes. In fact, even tasks that demand the participation of two people, finishes just by his presence. Technically, the captain can complete all the tasks within the first minute of the game, combining the Teleport and Auto-Complete features. Following this, he can move ahead and look into his moral responsibility as the Captain.

Ban Hammer and Extra Vote

As if teleport and auto complete weren’t enough, the creator added the Ban Hammer and Extra Vote for the Captain. As the name suggests, the captain has two votes per round. Whoever he/she votes, the game shows “+1” symbol beside the suspect’s name.

In case the Captain is 100% sure about the Imposter, he can activate the Ban Hammer. This feature turns everyone’s vote towards the suspect and he gets voted out by (forced) majority.

Zoom In and Map Overview

Map Overview gives the Captain an advantage to check the real time location of all the living players and dead bodies. Zoom In whereas a cherry in top of the Map Overview. While checking the locations, the captain can magnify the vision into a particular compartment of the map and watch the activities in details.

With the Captain mod, being an imposter and winning is almost impossible. The captain can simply spy the entire time. The moment the imposter makes a move, Captain will teleport to the room, report and vote out the imposter. The poor Imposter stands no chance. However, it’s not always about winning, the mod is extremely fun to play with. Tell us which is your favorite mod version of the game.

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