Among Us Mod Allows Impostors to Mind Control Players

January 2, 2021 5:12 pm

Innersloth’s 2018 release, Among Us, became a rage this year during the worldwide lockdown. While the original game is quite fun to play, popular YouTubers showed us gameplays on unreleased mods of the same. Earlier, most of these mods would focus on bringing both parties in the game to an equal footing. However, the recently released mods overpower the impostors more than ever.

Recently, YouTuber SSundee shared a video on his channel where the impostors possess a rather peculiar ability. In this mod of Among Us, impostors can mind-control the crewmates.

How does this Among Us mod work?

In the original game, impostors can kill crewmates and sabotage their tasks. However, in this mod, impostors also have the ability to mind control crewmates. Once they do so, they can make that crewmate kill someone else, thereby framing them. However, impostors become invisible when they are controlling a crewmate’s mind. Additionally, once the crewmates get back control over their bodies, they appear at a place of the impostor’s choice.

Naturally, this mod makes things more challenging for crewmates. However, it is not impossible for them to win, as we see in the video SSundee shared on his channel.

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SSundee showed us some very clever gameplay

SSundee played three rounds of the game, where he was impostor once. While the crewmates successfully ejected the impostors in the first two rounds of the game, things changed when SSundee became impostor. He cleverly strategized his gameplay to trick the crewmates into thinking he was one of them. He faked being mind-controlled twice and killed two crewmates. Further, he convinced the others to vote out one of the crewmates which led them to their victory.

Overall, this gameplay was quite fun to watch and we wish we could get our hands on this version of Among Us.

Which is your favorite Among Us mod? Ket us know in the comments section.

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