Amouranth Stuns Fans By Candidly Revealing Her OnlyFans Earnings Of 2023

Published 06/04/2023, 7:10 AM EDT

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Amouranth has revealed her OnlyFans earnings for the year so far, and you’d be shocked by the numbers. 

Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, is one of the biggest female streamers in the world. She has amassed over 6M followers on Twitch, making her a pioneer of the industry. But what makes her really stand out from the pack is her versatile nature and attitude toward content creation. The streamer loves the divide-and-conquer ideology as she segregates content based on the platform. For instance, Amouranth’s Twitch streams feature ASMR, dancing, video games, and more. She also runs an OnlyFans account, ranking among the top 0.1% of creators. 

And not to forget, the massive cheques cashed out in 2022 as Amo revealed a $40 million revenue. So, that makes us wonder, how much is she averaging for 2023? For that, she has given a hint on the 100 Thieves podcast, talking about the whole OnlyFans scene. 


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Amouranth breaks the secret of how much she’s earns on OnlyFans in 2023

Kaitlyn had a fantastic year in 2022 on OnlyFans. She claimed it to be much more lucrative than other platforms as she could find her comfort. It was an easy way to cash out millions when compared to other platforms, as she comparatively worked less. 


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Amouranth started by talking about how OnlyFans was a tricky business. “Definitely is somewhat seasonal. Yeah, because it comes in waves and stuff,” she said. Then, the ASMR queen revealed her average earnings, followed by how much she earned during her best months. “I think the average, like the streak probably average is like a mill a month sometimes that sometimes it’s like 1.5, so it just depends.” 


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The content creator also explained the hassles of working extra time. She claimed that there are times when people have ten things on their plate and that it gets harder to squeeze in another idea in between. But that does not mean Amouranth doesn’t like to try, as we all are aware of her streaming for over 10 hours. And not to forget the brand dealerships, her boxing preparations, taking care of her horses, and more.

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She is one of the most versatile streamers and so deserves every single penny earned. That leads us to the question – what are the different things that you do in your daily life apart from your job?


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