Animal Crossing New Horizons March Update Could Bring 8 Major Changes to the Island

Published 02/26/2021, 12:29 PM EST

Speculation regarding the next major update of Animal Crossing New Horizon are making the rounds again. Now that March is right around the corner, it will pave the way for brand new seasons that will also bring fresh changes. The upcoming March update is expected to bring eight major changes that will revamp the game. It will introduce new crafting materials, new weather, and various other crucial changes.


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Here is a complete list of things that could be introduced with upcoming major update of Animal Crossing New Horizon.


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Animal Crossing March Update will introduce crucial changes

The community could definitely use some new content, as the long-staying winter season has made the game quite stale. Introducing new content and changes always helps any title attract newer players and expand the audience. According to YouTuber Mayor Mori, the developers could add the following changes.

New seasons

The update will certainly revamp the island, as winter is finally coming to a close. As a direct result, the players can see the snow melting away in the northern hemisphere that will pave the way for spring. This new season will cover the entire map with lush green grass and beautiful flowers, accurately depicting the change.

Similarly, players of the southern hemisphere can see the arrival of Autumn that will turn the island orange in color. Players can expect to see more leaves fall off the trees, as Autumn takes over the game.

New crafting materials in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The upcoming seasonal changes will also introduce new items that fit the respective seasons. The northern hemisphere players can see young spring bamboo being introduced into the title. This crafting material will enable you to craft Basket Pack, Bamboo Doll, and Green Leaf Pile. Players can also find new DIY recipes of bamboo inside the floating balloons. Players will also be able to farm Acorn and Pine Cones by shaking trees on the island. These materials will allow you craft Tree’s Bounty Lamp, Acorn Porchette, and Yellow Leaf Piles. It is also being said that Two new farmable item will be introduced, and they will be available from March 1st to June.


The latest update 1.8 has introduced an interesting Super Mario event in Animal Crossing. Starting March 1, players can purchase Super Mario items from the promotions tab. Players can find these items listed inside the nook app of the nook phone, and also within the resident services of nook stop. As per the reports, there will be 33 Mario themed items, including 18 new furniture and 15 clothes.

These items will include the iconic Mario coin, Star Power Up, Question Mark Block, and Fast Travel Pipes. The clothing items can introduce skins for Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach. Players will have to make orders every single day to complete the Mario set within a week. These items will be available indefinitely as they are being introduced as promotional items.

Holidays in ACNH

The upcoming update will also introduce festival events, starting with girls’ day, Hinamatsuri festival. This event will stretch from February 25th to March 3rd. It will enable players to purchase Hinaningyol Doll Stand and Blossom Lamp. You will only be able to buy one of these items in the store as they will randomly show up.

Players will also be able to celebrate international Pi day from March 1st to March 14th. This event will enable you to purchase a pie every single day of the event. The last festival for March will be Shamrock Day or Saint Patrick’s Day that will kick-start from March 10th and last till March 17th.

During this festival, players will be able to purchase Shamrock Rugs, door plate, and soda. Similarly, season specific clothing like Shamrock suit can also be introduced during these events.

New aesthetics and weather in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The island is going to see a slew of fresh changes to the aesthetic feel of the game that will match the upcoming seasons. The northern hemisphere will see the grass turning green from white, while Camelia bushes will continue to bloom through the spring of March. The nook’s cranny will replace the entire gallery of decorative items to match spring season.

Similarly, the players in the southern hemisphere will see Autum themed orange items being added. Olive bushes will replace the Hibiscus plant, starting from March 20th. Inhabitants of the island will see the snow melting away to welcome newer seasons. Instead of snowy wasteland, the islanders can now spot rainbows during the daytime.

New critters and anniversary event

The island will welcome an armada of new critters along with the changing season. As a result, the older critters will migrate away from the island, making room for new seasonal creatures. The northern hemisphere will welcome 20 new critters that will include Bard Knife Jaw, Orchid Mantis, and the Spider Crab. Similarly, the southern hemisphere will introduce 22 new critters including King Salmon, The Bell Cricket and The Sweet Shrimp.


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video source: Mayor Mori

Animal Crossing New Horizon is about to complete its first anniversary since its launch back in 2020. Nintendo will definitely use this opportunity to introduce an elaborate event that will celebrate the title.


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