Nintendo has many great offerings, but none is as appealing and exciting as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The online simulation title is so good that most of the players keep spending endless hours creating and maintaining their Islands.

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons is filled with a variety of interesting elements, Scorpions and Tarantulas are crucial to its gameplay. Players keep coming across them during their sessions and try to catch them, of course. But this task is easier said than done, due to their attacking nature.


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Surprisingly though, it seems like one player just found a great solution to remain unharmed from these bugs.

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons player knows how to avoid the attacks from scorpions and tarantulas

By now, most of the players in this title are aware of how to go about catching the bugs. By simply taking the net and going hunting.

Capturing them is quite rewarding, as you can get a good amount of Bells. But the problem is that these bugs start attacking you as long as your character keeps having the net. But what about the situation when you are not having the net at all?

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Well, one player decided to try this trick, and… it worked!

A Reddit user posted a clip on the social platform, depicting that it’s possible to remain free from the fear of being attacked by tarantulas and scorpions. The only thing you have to do is just let go of the net. As a result of this, they won’t harm you at all. Yes, this trick is quite bizarre to look at initially, but somehow it works, which is the most important thing.


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Some users wondered about this logic, but they were clueless. The good thing is that now they know how to evade the attacks from the bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Apart from the online simulation title, however, there are many other Nintendo Switch hits that one can try out at the moment. Games like Mario Kart 8, Mario Strikers: Battle League, and Switch Sports are all worth engaging in. Plus, there’s also Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the blockbuster that launched earlier this year amidst rave reviews.

The Pokemon franchise will continue further as well in 2022, with a new entry in Scarlet and Violet. Then there are other launches like Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3.


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What are your expectations from the upcoming Nintendo games in the coming months? Let us know in the comments.

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