Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Why the Latest 1.10.0a Update Has Disappointed the Community

Published 06/07/2021, 11:19 AM EDT

Nintendo just released a new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons – version 1.10.0a. The recent update has brought some new events, items, and content to the table. With the introduction of new updates frequently, it looks like everything is going on as Nintendo has planned, except satisfying veterans’ needs.


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Apparently, many players are getting furious at Nintendo adding several events from last year. However, it looks like the new glitch that arrived with the 1.10.0a update is upsetting ACNH fans to a whole new level.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.10.0a update is disturbing the community


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Frequent addition of old events to the game

The major major issue players have with Nintendo is the lack of content in the game. The developers are not trying to spice things up for their users by adding new events or game-changing changes. This is resulting in veterans going berserk and quitting the game.

Image Credits: Mayor Mori

Moreover, June is bringing three old events from last year. Although the wedding season offers a lot of clothing and furnishing items, players who collected them last year already have everything in their bag. Thus, due to lack of content, they are quitting the game.


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Gullivarr Glitch

The new Gullivarr glitch has caused players to become angrier towards Nintendo. Until now, there was no such glitch that had caused problems to the game’s mechanics. However, after the release of 1.10.0a update the Gullivarr is found all over the island, outside his usual place.

Image Credits: Crossing Channel

Players have to search for him on the entire island rather than on shores. Some are finding him at the top of the cliffs while others are finding him at the outside of their houses. Hopefully, Nintendo will decide to work on this glitch before it becomes much big of a deal.


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Nintendo did not announce any news on Animal Crossing: New Horizons for E3

Several players are hoping to get a big announcement for New Horizons at E3 from Nintendo. Some of them were hoping to at least receive some tweets from Nintendo for their plans for ACNH at E3 2021.

Source: Mayor Mori

Surprisingly, developers haven’t released any related information, and it’s still unknown what Nintendo will announce at its presentation. Therefore, many players are giving up as they believe it will end in disappointment, just as it did for New Horizons’ one-year anniversary.


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