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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – October Promises Phenomenal Changes In Nintendo Switch

Published 09/25/2022, 10:10 AM EDT

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Animal Crossing is not just a game; it is a life of its own. From real-time in-game clocks to IRL season-based events, Animal Crossing players get to experience the life of a villager almost to the extent of reality. Nintendo also makes sure that the game always stays true to this immersion.

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It’s been two-and-a-half years since the release of the game, yet it still hasn’t received many updates and patches for the past year, adding more misery to the loyal fans who have been patiently waiting for some good news. However, Animal Crossing is hoping to turn this around with the October changes as it promises new additions and features to the game.

What is new in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


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As per ScreenRant, the October 2022 changes promise fresh additions to the game like new fishes, bugs, and deep-sea creatures to catch and collect. Besides that, it will also feature a brand new event celebrating the real-world festival of Halloween.

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The Halloween event is one of the biggest seasonal events in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Just like the real-life festival, players will get to enjoy all the spooky shenanigans. New costumes and decorative items will be available in the store, as well as Halloween-themed candies in Nook’s Cranny. Giving the players more reasons to look forward to the date of October 31.


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Many new Halloween-themed DIY recipes will also be available for the players to try out. Another event that may pull the attention of the players is the Fishing Tournament, held on October 8. During this event, all the Fish sold to CJ will be worth 1.5 times more than usual. Also, players can accumulate points by participating in the event and exchanging them for fish-related prizes.

What are the new fishes, bugs, and deep-sea creatures coming in the new addition?

The new addition will bring a plethora of new creatures. Every hemisphere will see recent additions. The players can expect to earn a good profit by selling these new animals in exchange for bells. Bells are the in-game currency.

New Fishes in the water:

Northern Hemisphere

NameSell PriceTime of Day
Yellow Perch300All Day
Dab300All Day

Southern Hemisphere

NameSell PriceTime of Day
Killifish300All Day
Crawfish200All Day
Snapping Turtle5,0009 pm-4 am
Guppy1,3009 am-4 pm
Neon Tetra5009 am-4 pm
Sea Horse1,100All Day
Clown Fish650All Day
Surgeonfish1,000All Day
Butterfly Fish1,000All Day
Zebra Turkeyfish500All Day

New Bugs Worth a Catch:

Southern Hemisphere

NameSell PriceTime of DayLocation
Common Bluebottle3004 am-7 pmFlying
Agrias Butterfly3,0008 am-5 pmFlying
Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing2,5008 am-5 pmFlying
Atlas Moth3,0007 pm-4 amOn Trees
Madagascan Sunset Moth2,5008 am-4 pmFlying
Long Locust2008 am-7 pmOn The Ground
Darner Dragonfly2308 am-5 pmFlying
Giant Water Bug2,0007 pm-8 amOn Fresh Water
Jewel Beetle2,400All DayOn Tree Stumps
Animal Crossing New Horizons‘ Flea70All DayOn Villagers

Deep-sea creatures waiting to be explored:

Northern Hemisphere


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NameSell PriceTime of Day
Seaweed600All Day
Spiny Lobster5,0009pm-4am
Venus’ Flower Basket5,000All Day

Southern Hemisphere

NameSell PriceTime of Day
Lobster4,500All Day


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