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Animal Crossing Updates That No One Asked For But Would Love to have

Animal Crossing Updates That No One Asked For But Would Love to have

Animal Crossing has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular games out there. But with a large fanbase come a host of demands. These are in the form of Quality of Life updates, decoration changes, and interactive updates, among others.  While the developers cater to some of these demands, there are many more that they fail to notice. In addition to those, there also a few demands that players expect to provide them personal satisfaction and relaxation.

JammerProHD is a YouTuber known for his Animal Crossing content. Besides gameplay and streams, he also makes concept videos. In one of his recent videos, he complied a few such update requests that Animal Crossing fans would love to see.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yozxIhs8fI8]

Animal Crossing: Concept Updates

Villager Update

Villagers make the game interesting. Besides multiplayer, villagers ensure that players have fun interacting with them. However, those who have played the game for long have almost had all the interactions that villagers are capable of. Therefore, to make the game more interesting, developers can add more ways in which the villagers could react.

The villagers could also be optimized more furniture on the map. “They could come up to sit on bench opposite to the players,” wonders Jammer. He also wishes that “villagers would pause whatever they are doing once you pull out the camera.

I hate it when they run away as soon as I pull out my camera,” he added.

Another cool feature could be the ability to kick out villagers of your choice. This way, one could move in villagers from a friend’s campsite, without having to worry about having an empty plot. This would work similarly to the amiibo campsite.

Sitting Update

Jammer wishes that the players had the ability to sit on the ground alongside their villagers. “The villagers look really cute when they sit next to the river. How adorable it would be if we could also sit right next to them,” he said.

Announcement Update

Those who play Animal Crossing must be familiar with Isabelle. She’s the cute little character who makes silly announcements all the time. However, her announcements could serve several important purposes. For instance, she could announce the upcoming updates to the game and the change log after an update. She could also announce weather updates to enhance the aesthetics of the game.

Quality of Life Changes in Animal Crossing

The game could include many more changes in the form of more building layouts and easier edit access for players to conveniently design their islands. Besides that, the storage could also be upgraded for those players who like to horde items in their inventory. There could also be some changes made to the shopping interface with ideas like introduction of shopping carts and the ability to have different collections of custom design patterns across users playing on the same device.

While Jammer mentioned only a few of these updates, fans have an ability to be creative with their imagination. As long as the game keeps adding new features, demands for such updates will always occupy the trend. It remains to see how many of these are noticed by the developers and implemented into the game.

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