Another CS: GO Player Retires For Valorant

June 10, 2020 5:29 pm

Recently we have witnessed several Counter Strike Global Offensive players retire to pursue a career in Valorant. Joining the list is South Koren professional player Seon-ho “Xeta” Son. 

The 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant opened up to mostly positive reviews. CS: GO, however, has been around for years. The sudden switch we see from these players could be in search of newer alternatives or for the mere fun of it.

Xeta to pursue a new career in Valorant

Xeta has played for a couple of teams in his career including mOnster, GOSU, MVP PK. He got his first professional contract at GOSU and has arguably been the best South Korean player in CS: GO. 

Xeta signed with TYLOO, making the move from MVP PK in 2020. He last played in IEM Katowice this year. Xeta has now stepped away from the team and will be changing tracks to a new game. He announced the news via Twitter.

I’m officially moving to Valorant, thanks for all of your support and cheers I could come this far since my first professional CSGO career from team GOSU it’s been quite a long way even though I couldn’t achieve such as Major, making playoffs at big lan but was a pleasure to meet all around the world and to be participated in tournaments. Thanks to this experience I have nothing but good memories and people in CS, with having these great memories I will continue to make something huge in my life playing Valorant as well! Thanks again for all cheering for me! See u in Valorant”, Xeta said in Twitlonger.

The news came right after a tweet in which he mentions his happiness over a win at Valorant. With many mid-tier players switching games all of a sudden, Valorant is giving a tough run to many other games that have cemented their place for almost a decade.

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