Apart From the Horror, Alan Wake 2 Is Ready to Bring Back a Fan Favorite Fictional Band

Published 10/06/2023, 8:48 AM EDT

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Alan Wake 2 is set to launch in a couple of weeks, and it is all set to give fans a much more grittier look into the mind of this infamous novelist. From the looks of it, the game is much darker and scarier than both of its predecessors combined.

And just for the sake of variety, it looks like developer Remedy Entertainment has divided the story between two characters. One is Alan himself, while the other is Saga Anderson, who is an FBI agent. It appears this was not enough for the developers; hence, they decided to give fans a very nostalgic treat through the game’s music too.

Alan Wake 2 is bringing back the much-acclaimed fictional band Old Gods of Asgard!


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Remedy Entertainment is one of those very few developers that creates some enticing worlds. Besides creating those worlds, they do not falter from giving these worlds much depth by filling these games with interesting details. One such detail is the Old Gods of Asgard, a rock band that was featured in previous Alan Wake games.

This was a fictional band, but its music was given by real-life musicians known as Poets of the Fall. They were a hit; fans loved their music way more than anyone had anticipated, and maybe this love is what inspired Remedy to bring back this band for Alan Wake 2. But this time, the members of Poets of the Fall would be playing the role of Old Gods of Asgard band members. There cannot be a better way to show appreciation to some musicians than this.


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The Old Gods of Asgard would be brought to life, maybe through the magic of motion capture. And it would sure be glorious to see a real-life band in the dark and gritty world of Alan Wake.

Of course, Old Gods of Asgard itself is a heavy metal band, which means they would not stand out in this world. Remedy Entertainment is sure to tick every checkbox of how they can make their game more and more appealing for the fans of the originals.


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This band has its origins in Max Payne!

Many might not be aware of the fact that the Old Gods of Asgard band actually has its origins in the first Max Payne game. This game was again developed by Remedy Entertainment. The main villain of the first Max Payne, Nicole Horne, headed a company named the Aesir Corporation from her headquarters, the Asgard building. This is where the band reportedly originated.

To confirm this connection, Poets of the Fall even composed a song called “Late Goodbye” for Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Remedy Entertainment sure knows how to connect their games. And it’s refreshing to see a developer loving their games so much to take the time to develop their lore to such an extent.


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For every fan patiently awaiting the launch of Alan Wake 2, it would launch on 27 October 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox series console, and PC.

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