Apex Legends: 5 of the Most Hated Skins in the Game

Published 06/09/2021, 2:33 PM EDT

Cosmetic items have a special place in every gamer’s heart. This is why prominent titles like Apex Legends rolls out new character skins, weapon skins, and charms on a routine basis. These items are an amazing addition to the game and they only enhance the external appearance of characters and weapons. However, there are certain skins that look horrible and downgrade the character instead.


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Here is the list of the top 5 character skins that the community loves to hate for various reasons.


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5 skins that Respawn shouldn’t have added in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has done many things right with Apex Legends, but in few instances, it has failed miserably. The game is famous for rolling out top-of-the-line cosmetics, while there are some that fail to live up to the expectations.

Gibraltar’s God Skin

Gibraltar’s recent god skin is arguably one of the worst domestic items in the entire game. This skin totally downplays the character’s appearance and makes it seem like a different unit altogether. The gold and red exterior with a bald head make the character unrecognizable.

Horizon’s Neon Stardust skin

The launch bundle skins of Horizon contained the worst possible skin in all of Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment turned their resident doctor into a funky-looking hipster, who doesn’t look like the original version. The pink hairdo and terrible skin design make it the worst skin that fans hated from the get-go.

image source: Goodfellow Skin Vidz

Wraith’s High-Class skin

The studio has wronged Wraith with the series of nerf and unfair changes, which have made her remarkably weak. However, there is one particular skin, called the High Class, that feels worse than the series of nerfs the character has received.

Image source: Goodfellow Skin Vidz

Horizon’s Flux Capacity skin

This is yet another skin that fails to depict Horizon’s true personality. Season 7’s starter bundle pack unfurled Flux Capacity skin that the community wholeheartedly rejected.


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Loba’s crystalline perfection skin

Loba is seen as one of the most attractive characters in the entire game. She has garnered a fanbase of her own, that loves and adores everything about her. However, there is one particular skin of her character that definitely turns into the worst-looking character in the entire game. This hate is only directed towards the skin and not towards Loba, as the community still loves her.


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This completes the list of the top 5 most hated skins that exist in the game at this time. Do you agree with this list? Is there a particular cosmetic skin that can outdo the aforementioned names? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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