Apex Legends Developer Confirms Season 8 Will Solve Issues With King’s Canyon

January 24, 2021 12:58 am

Changes to Apex Legends in season 8 confirm the destruction of King’s Canyon at the hands of new legend ‘Fuse’. Rumors also suggest that Respawn Entertainment is finally going to address all the outstanding issues surrounding the game. Season 8 is looking to bring exciting fresh changes to the game by reintroducing the most revered map under new light.

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(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment/Apex Legends via YouTube)

Apex Legends Season 8 will bring exciting new changes

According to a YouTuber JMeyels, Season 8 will finally see the addition of several elements that the community always wanted. The rework of King’s Canyon was much needed, and a developer has also confirmed more changes to the lineup. The upcoming season will see the debut of cargo bots in King’s Canyon, along with the introduction of more loot on the map.

Gamers will now find better quality weapons and more items in King’s Canyon starting with season 8. Players can finally have a better time finding loot on the map while they can also take advantage of the hovering cargo bots.

The map will also be revered back to the original lighting pattern that players wanted it to have. It seems like season 8 is going to introduce many changes to game along with the map with an overhaul of sorts.

The design director for Apex Legends confirmed the same by responding to a fan’s tweet.

Servers not up to the mark

The issue of low tick rate servers along with horrible ping has rendered the game unplayable for many. Gamers worldwide have complained about getting bad ping in the game because of the scarcity of servers in certain regions. Many have been asking for developers to introduce more servers, so that they can experience the game lag free.

It is a need of the hour for Respawn to address this issue by adding more servers. It will enable them to keep their title competitive against other free-to-play games like Valorant and Fortntie that are actively expanding into newer markets.

Apex Legend is about to complete its 2nd anniversary next month, as the game is all set to welcome the champion of Salvo into the Apex Games. The developers of the game continue to impress the community with routine updates that prevent it from becoming stale. It has been one of the major reasons behind the continued success of the game.

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