Apex Legends Guide: How to Improve Your Gameplay in Season 7

Published 01/07/2021, 11:07 AM EST

The changing meta with a brand new season forces the player base to learn the game from scratch once again. The game balance and introduction of new Legends can seriously shake up the game. If you are finding it hard to keep your gameplay up to the mark in Apex Legends season 7, then you would need a proper guide to get you through the grit.


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This guide will help you understand the meta better and keep you up to date on which legend is viable, along with the nitty-gritty of this season.


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Follow up on these amazing tips to improve at Apex Legends

Apex is an intricate game that involves a wide range of skills that you need to develop to excel at it. Players have to learn movement mechanics to outmaneuver enemies and also need to have an accurate aim.

Only mastering those two things won’t be enough, you will have to understand what works in the meta and what doesn’t. So without any further delays, let’s jump right into it.

Winning aim duels

The best thing you can do to boost your aim is by jumping into the firing range before you play the game. This tutorial range is one of the best things that can help you learn the recoil of each gun. It will also help you get comfortable with the weapon of your choice.

There is a setting in the movement and aim section called ‘Look Deadzone’, which can help you get better at the game.  Turn it off only if you don’t have stick drift on your controller. It will give you a bit of stick drift, but this one will be helpful to aim better. In case you do have stick drift then crank it up and it will counteract the excessive drift resulting in better aim.

(Note: This tip is for console players)

Which Legends are an excellent choice for solo queue

The best Legends that you should use in a solo queue situation are Wraith and Horizon. These legends have innate abilities that can help you navigate out of a difficult situation, even if you make mistakes. This reason alone makes them ideal choices to play in a solo queue environment where team synergy is non-existent.

If things are still not looking up, then you can drop Horizon’s Blackhole to trap the enemies, while Wraith can create a portal to safely escape a fight. These ladies are the best thing in the game and a perfect fit for solo queue players.

Movement Mechanics

Proper movement in the game will take time and practice to learn, so practice it as often as possible. In case of characters who have a movement ability, the firing range can help you to learn them too. In a firefight, your ability to maneuver can decide your fate in the match.

Crouch more often and in fact spam it in the game, it will significantly reduce your hitbox and make it harder for enemies to target you. Always spam crouch and look for cover while fighting and only use your abilities when you truly want to get out of a tricky situation.

Decision Making

Players often take up fights that they can never really win, which ends up getting themselves and the team killed. Decision making is one of the most important aspects that can change the tide of a duel.

If the enemies outnumber you, it’s best to run around and fight one enemy at a time. If you are unsure about the shot, don’t take it. Be a little patient and only shoot to secure a guaranteed kill.


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Be constantly vigilant about your surroundings and track enemy movements, there is always a strong chance of a third party attacking you after you win a duel. Ensure you clear out the surroundings and do not mindlessly loot without securing your vicinity.

There you have it, a  guide that you can use to improve your gameplay in season 7 of Apex Legends. Squad up or Solo queue, these tips will help you get better at the game.


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