Apex Legends Weapon Tier List: Ranking All Guns in Season 8

Published 02/20/2021, 8:39 AM EST

Apex Legends recently launched Season 8, and as always, players got to experience the various changes that came along. Respawn updated the weapon meta by introducing a new gun, balancing existing guns, and adjusting the loot pool.


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The hard-hitting 30-30 Repeater rifle is the latest addition to the impressive variety of weapons in Apex Legends. As for weapon balancing, the Volt received decreased bullet damage, whereas the Alternator’s damage and the EVA 8’s fire rate were increased. Meanwhile, the Spitfire had its bullet damage, and reload times increased.

The newly introduced Gold Magazine attachment has quickly become popular in Season 8 because of its auto-reload feature. Other loot pool adjustments include the removal of the Gold Barrel and Double Tap hop-ups, the addition of Anvil Rounds, and the rotation of fully kitted weapons.


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As with every Apex Legends season, with all the balance changes, different guns tend to dominate the meta. Therefore, we are taking a look at the weapons that can be a valuable asset in a player’s quest to become the Apex champion. Here is our compilation of the weapon tier list for Apex Legends Season 8.


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D-tier weapons in Apex Legends Season 8

Guns that are simply not good enough belong in this tier. Starting with the Mozambique, everyone likes to mark this weapon, but nobody wants to run it unless there’s no other option. With a Hammerpoint Rounds hop up, the Mozambique performs better, however; all other shotguns completely outclass this gun.

Similar to the Mozambique, the P2020’s damage output becomes enhanced with a Hammerpoint attached. With precise aim, this pistol can shred through opponents, but there’s no point in not swapping it for a full-auto weapon or shotgun, eventually. With the right attachments and in the right hands, the P2020 can be decent during the early game.


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C-tier weapons

C Tier is for competent guns, but you’d usually drop them for better weapons immediately. Starting with the RE-45, it almost functions as a placeholder gun, until players can find a better light weapon. Although the Quickdraw Holster hop up improves this full-auto pistol’s hip fire spread and ADS time, its damage per shot is relatively low.

The L-Star received a few buffs in past seasons, making it a lot better than it once was. However, with no compatibility for Barrel Stabilizer, this energy LMG is inaccurate because of its high recoil. Its muzzle flash and projectile effects block some vision while tracking targets. Perhaps few players would mind swapping the L-Star for another energy weapon.

Sniper rifles in Apex Legends aren’t in the best place. Specifically, the Longbow is decent, but using it is not suitable for all ranges, especially when up close. While attaching a Skullpiercer hop-up gives it more strength, better-ranged weapons than this DMR are available.

A common downside for any sniper is that its ammo type is not too popular. Not many players stack up sniper ammo and attachments, making the Longbow challenging to work with during the late game.

Being the game’s only hitscan weapon, the Charge Rifle performs excellently from a really long distance. However, it lacks versatility in other areas and requires sniper ammo. This sniper has the longest reload time, and since it cannot fit extended mags, it does not benefit from the new golden magazine. Overall, the Charge Rifle is a fine weapon in its current state.


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B-tier weapons

The weapons in this tier are good, but the guns higher up slightly better. Starting with the Alternator, recipient of a small yet significant buff this season with one additional damage per shot. Being easy to control, this SMG is pretty accurate, but it’s slightly outclassed by other guns in the light class such as R-99 and R-301.

A unique feature of the Sentinel is that players can charge it up with two shield cells to amplify its damage for some time. For some, this sniper is one of the best in the game and it almost feels like a mini Kraber. However, the Sentinel also has a weak fire rate and low DPS because of its bolt-action mechanism. Additionally, the charge shortens over time rather than until the player has emptied the magazine.

This LMG was perhaps the biggest winner in Season 8. The Spitfire has received one extra damage per shot, and it also benefits hugely from the newly introduced gold magazines. This gun has the highest magazine capacity leading to the highest damage dealt per magazine. But the Spitfire’s slow fire rate and reload speed are slightly holding it back. Overall, it is in a pleasant spot in the current meta.

Since the Season 6 update that built the Precision Choke into this sniper by default, the Triple Take has become amazing in the early game just after the drop. Many categorize this gun as the best in the sniper class because it performs well both in close-range and long-range. This sniper almost functions like a shotgun in close quarters. The only issue once again is that the Triple Take uses sniper ammo, which isn’t a popular ammo type.

The EVA-8 is a well-balanced shotgun. It comes with a fast fire rate and a high magazine size. Even though the Double Tap Trigger has been disabled, equipped with a Purple Shotgun Bolt, the EVA-8 becomes endgame-viable. Overall, it is a fine shotgun and effective in combat. But two other shotguns outclass this one.

This assault rifle has received some nerfs to its recoil over time, making it somewhat inaccurate and hard to control. The Havoc cannot perform too well in long-range engagements. However, in close to mid-range, especially with a Turbocharged equipped, this gun melts opponents. With a Turbocharger, this AR lives up to its high potential. But without it, it is still a capable gun.

Before being nerfed in Season 7, the Hemlok belonged among the top-tier weapons. Players dreaded an encounter against this burst AR because of its high accuracy and efficient functionality across all ranges. The Hemlok is still a great option, but other ARs slightly outclass it now. Overall, the devs have done well to balance this gun.

At the top of B-tier, we have the new Season 8 weapon, the 30-30 Repeater. While this gun falls under the assault rifle class, it has a lever-action mechanism. Although this heavy rifle has a strong potential in mid to long-range combat and a quite fast fire rate, SMGs and shotguns will dominate it in close quarters. Besides, it suffers from a rather slow reload speed.

The 30-30 Repeater finds itself in this tier because other ARs can do the job better, especially now that the Anvil Receiver is back. With that said, it’s only early days in Season 8, and it’ll be interesting to see where this gun fits in the meta as time progresses.


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A-tier weapons in Apex Legends Season 8

In A-tier all the guns are powerful, but there are a handful of weapons better than them. For starters, we have the VK-47 Flatline. The Anvil Receiver has returned, and the hop-up adds so much versatility to this AR. A solid gun for close to mid-range engagements, the Flatline has incredible hip-fire accuracy, high DPS, and fairly controllable recoil.

The G7 Scout retains a high rank as one of the best mid to long-range guns, despite the removal of the Double Tap hop-up. This light marksman rifle has a decent fire rate and reloading speed. Being a semi-auto weapon, it is ideal for contesting snipers and also capable of performing in close range. Overall, the G7 Scout is among the most versatile guns in Apex Legends.

For some, the R-301 is the embodiment of a perfect weapon. This assault rifle requires light rounds, has a high fire rate and accuracy in close, medium, and long-range. Besides, it also has decent hip-fire accuracy, and putting on an Anvil Receiver enhances its damage, making the R-301 even better at long distances. Overall, the R-301 can perform consistently well in the hands of a beginner and in the hands of a pro.

The Wingman tops the A-tier of our list. While beginners might find it tricky to use, someone with a precise aim can shred through opponents with this high-powered revolver. Landing a couple of well-placed Wingman shots destroys shields in close, mid, or long-range encounters.

Wingman requires abundantly available heavy ammo, and equipped with a Skullpiercer hop-up it provides a high reward for landing headshots consistently. Besides, this pistol gets even better with the inclusion of gold magazines.


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S-tier weapons in Apex Legends Season 8

Finally, the best weapons in the game find their spot in S-tier. Starting with the Volt SMG that came out in Season 6 and had its damage decreased from 16 to 15 recently. Despite the nerf, it is still a phenomenal weapon in the current meta.

The Volt is an energy-based weapon that doesn’t require a Turbocharger to become incredible. This SMG is great in both close and medium-range and also decent at somewhat longer distances. It has considerable damage per shot and benefits from low recoil.

This energy-based LMG is perhaps one of the most powerful guns in Apex Legends. Despite being nerfed and made available on the floor loot, some still consider it as a weapon that should belong in care packages.

Without a Turbocharger hop-up, it takes longer to wind up and isn’t the most accurate gun either. However, attaching a Turbocharger makes the Devotion beastly. Utilizing the hop-up, this LMG attains its faster fire rate instantly, while having the highest DPS among all other weapons after winding up.

The R-99 retains its spot among the best guns. This rapid-fire SMG is consistently accurate because of its moderate recoil. With a high DPS and fast firing rate, it is a shredding machine in close to mid-range engagements. The best part is that the R-99 uses the abundantly available light ammo, meaning one will always have enough ammo in the late game.


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In the current meta, the Mastiff has become a must-pick gun. The endgame of an Apex Legends match often boils down to intense close-quartered encounters. This is where the Mastiff comes above all weapons by fulfilling its role perfectly in close-range.

If you don’t pick up a Mastiff, chances are you will lose to an opponent with a Mastiff. A well-connected shot from this semi-automatic shotgun can inflict severe damage consistently, making it easy to knock opponents. The key to using this shotgun to its fullest potential is to peek behind cover while shooting it.

Besides the aforementioned guns, all the care package weapons, Kraber (.50 Cal sniper), Peacekeeper (lever-action shotgun), and Prowler (burst SMG), also belong in the S-tier.


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That concludes our weapon tier list for Apex Legends Season 8. Let us know which guns do you think are the best for this season in the comments below!


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