Apex Legends is merely a few days away from stepping into Season 8. The upcoming season will bring a whole new set of changes, starting with the most revered map of the game in King’s Canyon. The map has seen things being added or removed, but this time around that simply won’t be the case. The new legend is going to cause mayhem and bring about the complete destruction of Kings Canyon. How this will affect the map and reshape the gameplay is still a mystery.

Season 8 will not just bring ranked reset, it will also tweak the way ranked matches works inside the game.

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Fewer players make it to the top now

Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged a major issue with the ranked plays in Apex Legends that hinders gaming experience. The player base in the high skill tier pool that is above Diamond tier still struggles to find a decent match. This issue was further highlighted in their research when they found out the exact percentage of players that occupy each skill bracket.

  • 16.35% Bronze (17.76%)
  • 23.86% Silver (26.23%)
  • 32.09% Gold (36.25%)
  • 23.13% Platinum (17.75%)
  • 4.37% Diamond (1.89%)
  • 0.20% Master & Apex Predator (0.12%)

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Changes to ranked games of Apex Legends with Season 8


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From the aforementioned list is quite evident that fewer players have scaled the top ranks of the game. Meanwhile, the lower ranks and mid-tier ranks housed most of the population. The gaming studio has addressed this problem by introducing a list of changes to the ranked games.

  • Ranked games will distribute RP points starting at top 13
  • Kills and assist will earn players 6 points
  • Assist threshold is now improved to 10 seconds
  • Top 750 players will gain the Apex Predator rank
  • Faster queue time for Diamond tier players

This list of changes clearly aims for faster queue time for high skilled players. It ensures more players make it to the top by awarding them more RP points for kills, assists, and so on. This encourages more players to partake in combat to rise in the ranks quicker.


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Respawn Entertainment also announced the return of Diamond Skydive Trails to ranked play. Players who invest countless hours of their time to hone their skill inside the game will now be rewarded adequately. These changes will definitely improve ranked experience of the community by offering unique rewards and faster queue times.

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