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Are Video Game Developers 2000fying Every Major Title for a Quick Cash Grab? Serious Fans Think ‘Yes’

Published 06/09/2023, 1:15 PM EDT

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Video games have come a long way since their inception. From the pixelated blocks of the 1990s all the way to being able to see reflections in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, gaming saw an enormous leap in the last two decades. During this time, the 2000s are regarded as a golden era of gaming. It prompted a serious question about the way gaming from the decade is used today to influence video game sales.

America’s Favorite Video Today

As we make our way through another year of game releases, a growing question among the gaming community is about the way video game companies use the 2000s gaming era to boost sales today. Has 2000fying major titles turned into a way of a quick cash grab?

The 2000s turned into a money-making scheme?


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With showcase events in full swing, developers revealed major titles. Fans could not help but notice a majority of these titles are remakes, or revisit games popular during the 2000s. Consequently, it poses the question of developers using the 2000s era to sell copies of their games.

Gaming companies really just said Fuck it let’s just do the 2000nds again huh.
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The 2000s decade was a crucial era for gaming. With two generations of consoles, gamers had access to upgraded graphics and a new gameplay experience. There was a transition to online gaming, while story-driven titles were as equally popular.

As a result, it should not come as a surprise that remakes of 2000s titles, or games that are reminiscent of 2000s titles, remain a quick cash grab for developers. The major selling point here is the nostalgia these titles have. Titles such as these aim at people in their late 20s or older, meaning people who played these games while they were kids. Even if the game may not be as mechanically advanced or feature vivid storylines, the primary selling point is the memory of playing these games from their childhood. Because they were exposed to these games as children.

But is nostalgia actually a leading factor in selling games?

Nostalgia sells games

Leading data research company Nielsen revealed just how impactful using the 2000s was on video game sales. Data suggested people between the ages of 25 and 34 made up 27% of console gamers, with the age group 35-44 making up 23%. These age groups have incomes and are much more likely to spend money on remakes or nostalgic titles. To give you an example, nostalgia for these games works the same way as people liking Stranger Things because of the retro setting.

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Similarly, video game developers use nostalgia. Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes had bigger launches than Resident Evil 7. Activision’s Call of Duty increased with a revisit to the Modern Warfare franchise. The 2019 Modern Warfare sold over 30 million copies. It was the third highest-grossing game in the franchise.

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The numbers indicate using the 2000s decade to boost sales. However, it does not mean it is a complete cash grab. While there are remakes of old games, these titles add new content to the franchise. If we revisit the 2019 Modern Warfare release, the story serves as a prequel to the plot, instead of a pure remake.


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It is clear that 2000fying titles does boost sales, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing. Gaming serves as an experience, and revisiting old titles that defined eras is an experience of its own. If developers create these titles in a manner that keeps players happy, it keeps both parties happy. It is a return to simpler times in gaming, without micro-transactions and the current season pass trend that has taken over games. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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