As Twitter HQ Becomes A New Hangout Point For Elon Musk, Youtuber Who Got Warning From Mother Maye Musk Now Has a New Plan

Published 11/22/2022, 2:18 PM EST

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Elon Musk has a fanbase that, despite him being recently criticized a lot, still supports him and wants to thank him for being who he is. Thus, it is a very common sight when people try to get the same affection back from him. But sometimes these acts of trying getting his attention can bring a lot of backlash and hate.

And it seems like YouTuber Fidias is also one of the many who is trying to achieve basically the impossible. But a recent update from him shows that he might be soon migrating to the new Musk hangout point to get a hug from the multibillionaire.


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YouTuber Fidias might now change his location from SpaceX to Twitter HQ in order to hug Elon Musk

Over the last 33 days, Fidias, who is known for making several challenges on his YouTube channel, took up the challenge of hugging Elon Musk. To achieve the same, he is staying outside SpaceX in his car holding banners and cutouts appealing to the billionaire.

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But now it seems that after a recent warning from Elon’s mother Maye Musk, he is planning to move to Twitter HQ. This is also a tactical move, as Musk has spent most of his time at Twitter HQ after his acquisition of the popular social media site.


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Notably, a few days ago, Fidias was given a warning by Maye Musk as she got spammed by his fans on Instagram, telling her to ask Elon Musk to hug Fidias. After this, she vented out her anger at the YouTuber and even said that her son shouldn’t hug the “malicious” YouTuber.

What is Fidias planning to do?


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Fidias recently did a popularity poll on Twitter asking his fans whether he should change his location or not. He asked, Day 33 of living outside @SpaceX in order [to] hug @elonmusk! Should I move to Twitter HQ?” He gave two options: “Yes” and “No”, to which 82.4% of people voted ‘Yes’.


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