At $230 Million in Monthly Revenue, Xbox Game Pass Has Got a Strong Subscriber Base According to Leaked FTC Documents

Published 09/19/2023, 10:06 AM EDT

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Xbox Game Pass has always been one of Xbox’s strongest features. This subscription service gives players the liberty to play a range of AAA games, along with popular classic titles with a subscription fee only. This also means that players who don’t want to buy games can save up by only subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass. Clearly, this impacts game sales. So, how profitable is Game Pass?

There is concrete data about the estimated revenue that Xbox earns per month from its 25 million Game Pass subscribers. No surprise that the figure is huge, and it is the Xbox, so it was quite expected. So, let’s dive into the article and explore it.

Huge revenue generated by Microsoft from Xbox Game Pass subscription


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Microsoft published an Xbox slide deck from the FTC vs. Microsoft case. And turns out, Xbox Game Pass generated $9.26 per subscriber on average. As of January 2023, Xbox has a subscriber base of approximately 25 million. So, keeping the average revenue in mind, Xbox’s estimated revenue in April 2022 comes up to around a whopping $231.5 million.


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This was for console users. During the marked period, there were also an estimated 3.1 million PC Game Pass subscribers. At that time, most of the PC Game Pass subscribers were paying the full price of $9.99 per month. This states that the net renewal per subscription value of $9.26 in consoles closely aligns with those PC tiers.


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Adding to that, the revenue got a huge boost when Xbox added Live Gold members as a part of the Game Pass subscription base. As of April 2022, Xbox had approximately 11.7 million Live Gold subscribers. So, if these users are put in the same bracket as Game Pass holders, the total number increases by an additional 11 million. And that makes the Game Pass subscriber base 36 million strong.

The story doesn’t end here. This figure could have been a lot bigger. This calculation doesn’t take into account the gigantic potential growth of Game Pass members on the eve of the release of  Starfield. Most people would choose to play this game on Game Pass, as the game is pretty expensive. However, despite being on Game Pass from the start, Starfield’s Steam record remains unbroken.


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With the current Game Pass performance, it is safe to assume the titles will keep on coming. And with the addition of Starfield and future titles, the numbers are only expected to increase.

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