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Avid Spiderman Fan Baffles Community With a Spectacular God of War Mod

Published 09/29/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

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God Of War Ragnarok is just a few weeks away, and fans can’t keep their excitement content. They have started planning their schedules, reserving enough time to cherish this masterpiece. Santa Monica studios had announced Ragnarok a few years back, promising fans a quick release.

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However, the franchise had to face multiple setbacks pushing them to delay the game to further years. This created chaos in the community, as fans had anticipated the game for a long time. But, the franchise, being helpless, had to ask for their forgiveness as they wanted every bit to be perfect. 


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So, after years of hard work and anticipation, Santa Monica promised a November 9 release date to all God Of War fans. This created massive hype in the community as fans counted the days until the showdown.

While the majority just played around with numbers, the creative fans had some massive releases in store. Interestingly, a Kratos fanboy combined his love for Spiderman and God Of War to create a spectacular mod of all time. 

Avid God Of War Fan Drops the Perfect Spider-Kratos mod a few weeks before Ragnarok’s release 

On August 30, 2022, an avid GOW fan baffled the community with a bizarre mod. He combined his love for the Greek God and the savior of New York as he featured them as a single character in Spiderman Remastered. 

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Talented modder Omega Fantasy uploaded a video showcasing Kratos on the streets of New York. He featured the Greek God-Spiderman style, cruising his way through the city. He also added some extra clips showing Kratos fighting modern generation villains, which was not an ordinary sight. I mean, he’s the God Of War after all!


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A month later, Omega Fantasy fan, Heavenly, posted his creation on YouTube, applauding his efforts. He uploaded it with a caption, “This God of War Ragnarok trailer got me so hyped,” baffling his fans. It was just a matter of minutes before it caught Cory Barlog’s attention, who reacted to his post positively. The God Of War developer was pretty enthralled as his reaction proved his hype.


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With that being said, God Of War Ragnarok will release 41 days from now, so it won’t be wrong to predict that we might see some extraordinary content before its release.


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What are your thoughts about this? Did you like the Kratos-inspired mod? Do you have any ideas to make it better? Let us know your answers in the comments section.



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