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“Because I Was Broke” – Popular YouTuber Ludwig Reveals the Bizarre Incident of Getting Fired From Snapchat HQ

Published 05/19/2023, 11:10 AM EDT

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Ludwig has revealed why he got kicked off Snapchat, and the reason looks pretty bizarre. 

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There are times in everyone’s life when it is hard to meet ends. Despite having a job, it is difficult to manage finances, let alone have food on the table twice a day. So, you try seeking help wherever possible and secure part after part. However, the desperation leads you to make rookie mistakes, costing you your job or even at times, your reputation. 

Such had been the case with popular YouTuber Ludwig, who recently shared a strange story from his time at Snapchat. The franchise had to fire him over a bizarre reason, but it was nowhere close to ethical.


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Ludwig reveals the story of why Snapchat fired him for over a few thousand dollars

Back in the day, Ludwig Ahgren was a usual 9-5 person. He had a job at Snapchat, which helped him get through the tough times. But somehow, it wasn’t enough as Ludwig had to go the extra mile to meet ends. So, he indulged in stealing from the company, but in a not-so-horrendous way.

It is no secret that many companies have vending machines, fridges in their HQ for employees. They are allowed to enjoy a snack between work at no cost, as it adds as a benefit. However, that does not allow them to exploit the service, let alone indulge in stealing. 


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This was something that Ludwig failed to understand as he took an unnecessary step that cost him his job. Apparently, he revealed a strange story from his time at Snapchat HQ in Santa Monica, baffling fans.

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Here’s how Ludwig revealed the story. “A lot of the newer companies will have a lot of benefits like fridges stocked with La Croix and Babybel,” he explained. “What I would, allegedly, do is I would bring like a grocery bag and Friday night I would drive to work, and I would fill two grocery bags, and I’d go home so I could eat it on the weekend because I was broke.”

Soon, Snapchat found out about it and terminated his contract as he took away almost $2500 worth of goods. However, they did not reveal the exact reason for firing him, putting him in an awkward spot. So, he added two plus two and walked out to pursue his streaming career. 


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Today, Ludwig ranks among the biggest streamers in the world, having a massive fan following on YouTube and Twitch. 

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