Best Fortnite Collaborations of All Time

Published 05/20/2021, 1:41 AM EDT

Barely any multiplayer titles feature the multitude of gameplay elements that Fortnite does. Epic Games keeps releasing fresh and exciting content in the form of collaborations and crossover events, thus uniting fans from several pop-culture fandoms under the premises of Fortnite. This is one of the reasons behind the game’s immense popularity and success, and also why the game has stayed relevant in an ever-expanding Battle Royale genre.


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From Marvel and DC to Marshmello and Travis Scott, we have seen Epic Games partner up with many iconic franchises and famous personalities across various genres. In this article, we count down some of the best and most memorable Fortnite collaborations of all time.


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Top 10 Fortnite collaborations

National Football League (NFL)

One of the very first collaborations to feature within the game, NFL x Fortnite originally occurred at the back end of 2018 during Chapter 1 Season 6. As a result, skins representing the uniforms of all the 32 NFL teams became available in the Item Shop.

November 2020 marked the return of the NFL jerseys, as redesigned versions of them become available in-game once again. This crossover event also associated two Fortnite tournaments, namely NFLPA Open and Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl.

Michael Jordan

Chapter 1 Season 9 saw a collaboration between Fortnite and Michael Jordan’s Jumpman brand, bringing in a range of creative content. A variety of cosmetic items became available including several outfits, skateboard-themed Back Blings, and sprays.

This crossover also included an LTM called Downtown Drop, inspired by the Brooklyn borough of New York. In this mode, players could perform high jumps, collect coins, and complete challenges to unlock additional rewards.


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Stranger Things

Following the release of Season 3 of Stranger Things, the sci-fi horror TV series collaborated with Epic’s battle royale game. As a result, fans got to see the integration of the world of Upside Down in Fortnite’s island.

The portals from Stranger Things appeared at the game’s Mega Mall location, alongside the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor being featured. Fans also got the opportunity to grab a bunch of cosmetics themed on Netflix’s phenomenal TV series. These included two skins resembling the brave Chief Hopper, and the dreaded Demogorgon.

Borderlands 3

To promote the impending release of Borderlands 3 at the time, the Fortnite x Mayhem crossover event brought in a massive map change along with themed cosmetics and challenges.

Epic dedicated an entire portion of the Fortnite map near Paradise Palms to be based on Pandora, the mysterious planet on which the Borderlands games take place. Meanwhile, the cosmetics included the Psycho Bandit outfit, Claptrap back bling, and several free rewards like wraps, banners, and sprays.


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John Wick

The Fortnite x John Wick event intended to promote the release of the 2019 film John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. As a result, the iconic titular character from the media franchise officially became a part of the battle royale game.

A set of themed cosmetics, including a legendary John Wick skin, were up for grabs. The crossover event included an LTM called Wick’s Bounty and also had challenges that players could complete for unlocking more rewards like One Shot umbrella, Boogeyman wrap, and Gold Token back bling.

Interestingly, the Continental Hotel, a staple feature in the John Wick movies, also made its way to Fortnite’s island as a new location.

Star Wars

When Fortnite first came out, who would have imagined using lightsabers as weapons in the game? This became a reality thanks to the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration during Chapter 2 Season 1 to promote the 2019 film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The crossover content featured a live event that took place at the Risky Reels location on the Fortnite map. Other than that, Stormtrooper skins and cosmetic items based on movie characters like Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Zorii Bliss, and Sith Trooper were also present.


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Travis Scott

One of the most highly anticipated crossover events, Fortnite x Travis Scott granted one of the greatest live events, Astronomical. Taking place during Chapter 2 Season 2 in April 2020, Astronomical featured an in-game concert where a gigantic Travis Scott performed his music live while stomping around the Fortnite map.

Astronomical was truly a visual and a musical spectacle as tens of millions of fans flocked to witness the rapper’s concert. This collab also added an entire set of cosmetics based on the artist, including the Travis Scott outfit. Additionally, completing a bunch of challenges awarded free gear such as a glider, spray, banner icon, and more.

Avengers: Endgame

Fortnite and Marvel have come together to deliver a ton of crossover content, and some of them have turned out epic. Starting with the Avengers: Infinity War collab in Chapter 1 Season 4, the Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame crossover of Season 8 took it to another level.

We saw the return of Thanos, alongside the addition of the Avengers’ weapons to the loot pool. In the Endgame LTM, fans got to use Captain America’s shield, Hawkeye’s bow, Iron Man’s repulsors, and the Stormbreaker. Alongside that, Marvel character skins like Black Widow and Star-Lord were also featured.


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Debuting in Chapter 1 Season X, the Batman crossover within Fortnite was one of the greatest so far. Most importantly, it showed that even though Epic Games worked with Marvel, they could also work with DC Comics.

Besides bringing Batman skins, items, and weaponry into the game, the event added an entire Gotham City to the map. This collaboration paved the foundation for future DC-themed content within Fortnite, with Batman Zero Point of Chapter 2 Season 6 being the latest.

Nexus War (Marvel Comics)

The Fortnite x Marvel: Nexus War crossover during Chapter 2 Season 4 was perhaps the biggest and greatest of them all, with an entire season full of events themed around the comics.


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We saw the introduction of several Marvel heroes like Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Groot, Mystique, Storm, and Doctor Doom. They joined forces with Fortnite characters like Raven, Lynx, and Jonesy to prevent the destruction of the battle royale island at the hands of the humongous cosmic entity Galactus.

The season concluded with the Devourer of Worlds live event, as the heroic coalition was successful in stopping the antagonistic plans of Galactus. This collaboration is definitely among the best in Fortnite’s history considering the sheer amount of content it featured.

Ten is a tiny number to include all the excellent crossovers seen within Epic’s battle royale title. Therefore, we ask you, which Fortnite collaborations are among your favorites thus far? Let us know in the comments below.


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