Best Mods for Among Us That You Should Definitely Try

Published 01/27/2021, 8:15 AM EST

Among Us found unprecedented success in 2020 after going through two uneventful years since releasing in 2018. The game not just captured the community’s eye, but it also aided many lesser known streamers to achieve success. These internet personalities broke out in a similar fashion and the game essentially turned them into celebrities of the modern era. Names like Disguised Toast, Fuslie and Corpse Husband are a few who became internet sensations after attaching themselves to the game.


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Naturally, the modding community picked up the title as well to customize it in their own unique way. The laundry list of mods includes some top-notch game modes that you should play.


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Let’s rewind the clock and revisit the best mods for Among Us

The long list of mods includes some of the craziest ideas that may seem too extreme. Among the sea of the mods lie a chosen few who got it right, and instantly became hits.

Proximity Chat

This mod introduced a new element into the game to spice things up. It enabled players to communicate with nearby shipmates and it definitely added more depth to the game. Imposters and crewmates were now able to communicate when close by on the map, and it gave more opportunities for players and to plan their attacks.

This mod should definitely be added into the game, as it significantly improves the gaming experience. Communication is a key aspect that makes this game fun, and proximity chat is probably the step in the right direction.

Revive mod

This one introduces more depth to crewmates by introducing a healer who can revive dead players. It makes the life of imposters very difficult, as they now have to be extra cautious. Imposters will need to prioritize killing the healer first, otherwise, crewmates can simply revive the dead teammate and vote out the imposter.

It is not a very imposter-friendly mod, but the idea definitely has potential. In the future iteration, the mod should introduce more types of crewmates, each with unique abilities. This would add more mystique and mystery to the game, while not venturing further away from the original concept.

Fortnite Among Us mod

This mod turns the aesthetic feel of the game into Epic Games’ biggest title, Fortnite. The two games have crossover versions with each other in terms of community mods, and this follows the same. Players will see the entire map being reworked from the tasks to character skins and so on. The map features elements taken straight from the game like the battle bus, starting area, treasure chests and so on.

Floor is lava

This mod takes inspiration from a game that everyone must have heard of or played during their childhoods. It is called the floor is lava, and imposters can decide when they wish to turn the floor into lava. Crewmates will have to run around the map in pursuit of tasks and also objects that can be used to avoid touching the lava.

The killers can now elaborately plan their attacks to take out the crewmates without getting their hands dirty.


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Video source: AliA

Which mod did you like the best, and will you try one of these in your lobbies? Mods offer a solution for you to keep your favorite game fresh by adding new twists to it.


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