The progress of Valorant Mobile had remained a mystery for a long while. But things started to change as the speculations around its Beta Testing phase started gaining more traction. Now, the alleged leaks from the Beta Testing currently surfacing on the web look more than promising. Moreover, the features and detailing in the gameplay make it a potential candidate to dominate the mobile gaming trends as well. 

Over the years, the Riot Games developed shooting giant Valorant has established a cult fanbase in the industry. The title has successfully managed to remain among the most celebrated FPS in recent times. And with the leaks making rounds, fans are convinced that the upcoming mobile version will dethrone the current king of mobile FPS. 

Is Valorant ready to dethrone PUBG?


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Valorant successfully released in 2020. Further, it became one of the most popular games in competitive eSports. The craze around VCT keeps on increasing every year. This year’s Champions Tour recorded the biggest numbers for an eSports event. Thus, it was about time that mobile gamers were presented with a version of the classic. 

For two years now, the vision to bring Valorant to mobile has been under wraps. Finally, things have started to unfold. The early signs for Riot Games’ visionary project look quite promising indeed. The insights leaks from the beta testing have left the fans more than impressed with the interface and gameplay. 

The game Valorant Mobile looks wonderful and will undoubtedly introduce it to a whole new audience. Like Wild Rift standing tall next to League of Legends and PUBG Mobile towering over PUBG, it will be a welcome addition to the magic that is Valorant core. 

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These current leaks are fueling the hype for the eagerly anticipated game. In one similar leak, a fan shared a clip from beta testing. He wrote, This is something that’s going to compete HEAD ON with every other mobile game out there… now this is cool.” 

The fact that with just the early teases, the fans have started speculating about the possibility of a PUBG takeover, speaks a lot about the hype built around the game. 


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The revolution of mobile gaming with the upcoming FPS 

As developers, Riot Games has always been smart to adapt and cater to fan demands. From the insights of beta testing leaks, there are claims that suggest the upcoming mobile version to be a great leap from all previous FPS projects. 

Some of the promising innovations include a more detailed and captivating emphasis on animations. Moreover, the features offered in the game highly resemble the PC version, as claimed by the players of beta testing. For a mobile version, this in itself is a huge boost of confidence prior to its full-fledged launch. 


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The expectations with Valorant Mobile are sky high. And if the game can live up to the hype and all that it promises, it could spell trouble for PUBG.

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