Kick has been putting their green scouting eye on popular streamers, trying to make some robust partners. The new streaming platform with a unique revenue-sharing agenda has been constantly put in comparison with Twitch.

Though the platform has not risen to the magnitude of Twitch, they sure are trying to do so. They have taken in Adin Ross into their partner list, followed by Hikaru Nakamura and Corinna Kopf.

Now it seems that the platform is aiming for the Twitch record holder Kai Cenat as their next plausible partner.


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Kai Cenat gets some ‘Kicks’ from Kick

The streamer who is having sensational momentum at the moment is Kai Cenat. The young gun of Twitch has been shattering records in followers count and is now considered Twitch’s biggest star. His Subathon broke records, surpassing the milestones set by Ludwig.

But soon after we saw many fans voicing against Twitch for not giving a lucrative contract to their favorite star. Though we neither can confirm nor deny the contract’s whereabouts, we can say Kick is trying to rope in the popular star.

The platform recently gifted Nike Air Forces to Kai. In his latest stream, fans got to witness an awestruck Kai who was shocked to receive such a gift from Kick, with whom he has no ties whatsoever.

A wide array of emotions went through his face as he saw the gift. What adds more juice to all this is that Kai later was seen playing with the shoes, enjoying the moment. Kick surely knows how to get attention from Twitch’s biggest streamer.

Another interesting aspect regarding this is that Twitch themselves gifted Kai a pair of shows after his successful Subathon. Thus, we can say that Kick is sort of igniting a fight on that front as well.


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Moreover, it seems like Kick really wants to sign Twitch’s marque player into their platform. Cenat has 5 million followers on Twitch. That is surely a huge number of people, of which many might migrate to Kick as their source of entertainment if their favorite streamer decides to switch ships.


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It would be interesting to see Kai reuniting with his buddy Adin Ross on Kick if a deal ever falls through. But at the moment we can only speculate what is going on behind the cameras.

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