Billion Dollars Worth Formula of MrBeast Exposed: Stepping Stones to Conquer the YouTube Entertainment Industry

Published 06/06/2023, 7:10 AM EDT

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Expected to be the first YouTube billionaire, MrBeast has revealed the perfect formula to become a successful content creator for YouTube, and here’s all you need to know about it. 

For a decade, MrBeast’s popularity has soared to heights as he never failed to impress fans. The content creator made sure to step out of his comfort zone, making the most of every resource. And well, that worked out perfectly for him as he became the number one solo creator on YouTube in 2022. Now, Jimmy only has one hurdle to par in terms of subscribers and that is walking over T-series. But that’s a story of another day as MrBeast has revealed his success formula for standing out of the pack on YouTube. 

MrBeast pens down a flowchart for budding creators to follow amidst their YouTube journey 


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YouTube is hard. This is a patent statement made by a majority of the budding creators who make content. And then, they just give up, thinking that it is not their cup of tea. However, MrBeast thinks the exact opposite allowing him to rule the platform. But the question is, how does he do it?

For starters, the YouTuber believes people complicate things. So, for Jimmy the best thing that works is simplicity. He loves to focus on things that really matter, rather than the fillers and other irrelevant things. The content creator believes in CTR (click-through rate) and AVD (Average viewer duration)


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According to the content creator, these two elements can help in optimizing content, while considering content as king. After all, who wants to watch a twenty-minute long video, and feel confused at the end? Still, between AVD and CTR, MrBeast has minute attention to the latter as that allows him to know if the viewer has enjoyed his previous work. Based on that, he identifies and divides the best from him.

Three stepping stones to making your content phenomenal 

Moving on, Donaldson likes to divide the approach into three sides; Title, topic, and thumbnail. First, let’s talk about topics as MrBeast knows the importance of content being the king. So, the YouTuber loves to focus on any topic that has no past videos and is simple to understand. His main motto is to let out a message while having a progressing story, just so the viewers can enjoy the long-form content. Once that expectation is met, Jimmy moves on to framing the title with utmost care. The mastermind uses different techniques such as keeping it short, simple, unique, and always under 55 characters. Now, you may think, why? But the answer is simple. He wants viewers to know what they are signing up for without clicking on the video to read the entire thing. 

Then comes the thumbnail. Creators might feel that thumbnail is not as important as other areas of content, and that’s where they go wrong. Having a stylish and intriguing thumbnail can be a game-changer as people can be eager to know what they are devoting their time to. This is where MrBeast’s excellence comes in as he spends thousands making the perfect template. For instance, let’s take into consideration the ‘Buried Alive for 50 hours video. Jimmy uploaded a perfect thumbnail, featuring himself in a ‘save me’ position over a coffin. This worked pretty well for him as he garnered over 262 million views and counting. 

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Similarly, he spent thousands of dollars on the slime house video thumbnail as he even claimed to rent a new property for it. Apparently, Jimmy was unhappy with the initial results and wanted to make it better before the official release. So, he took the extra leap just to fit the last piece of the puzzle. 

Studying the heart and soul of the YouTube King’s content videos

All in all, MrBeast considers these three thoughts as the stepping stones before producing content, as they have always helped him grow. Moving on, the next bit features the main aspects of the video; Introduction, storyline, and payoff. Just like the title, MrBeast believes in a short and sweet intro. For him, it should meet expectations, be devoid of clickbait, and be unique in a way that puts the title in the spotlight. However, the YouTuber strictly believes that one should not mention the title twice as it loses its exclusivity. And not to forget the payoff, as that becomes the icing on the cake. 


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Once this is done, Jimmy progresses to the main part of the video – content. Here, he loves to play around with the story, having a clear walkthrough for fans. The genius has developed expertise in knowing the perfect way to keep them hooked from the very first second, without missing a bit. His recent upload, ‘I Hired A Real Assassin’ can be the best example of it. After all, we don’t come across such content regularly. 

And then, the last part of the video, the payoff. This is something where MrBeast adds his Midas touch. Here, he generates the ‘feel good’ moment in the community along with intrigue. While fans learn about the winner, the shiny cash prize, the feeling of victory, and other things all add up to become a masterpiece. 


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So now you have a ton of insights that you can look out for while crafting the next video. And if you’re his viewer, then now you know how much effort your favorite creator puts in before publishing content. 

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