Hackers have taken over the gaming scene in recent times. This is because of their ability to make game mods which are usually incredible. And it is quite evident in the case of PlayStation. Recently, hackers have provided incredible developments and patches for PlayStation games which have gamers wondering – if modders can enhance games, why can’t the console makers do so?

Believe it or not, a recent PlayStation 5 hacker has provided something absolutely amazing with respect to The Last of Us II and Bloodborne. And the new developments have excited, as well as intrigued the fans. 

Hacker-made patch makes revolutionary transitions of PlayStation 5 games


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Recently, a hacker named illusion brought an exciting mod for fans. He confirmed that although games like Bloodborne and The Last of Us 2 were previously announced at 60 FPS, he has developed a new patch enabling these two games to run at 100 frames per second on PlayStation 5.

In fact, illusion confirmed that Bloodborne with this new patch can run at 110 frames per second with 720p resolution. Furthermore, they also assured fans that The Last of Us 2 can run at 85 FPS with 1440p resolution. However, if the gamers want 100 FPS for The Last of Us 2, then the resolution will be reduced to 1080p. Amazing, right?

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Well, it doesn’t end here as the hacker further explained why both of these games can’t be forced at 120 frames per second outputs, as VRR is not available for 4.03 firmware. Despite that, with such incredible progress in gaming, fans are quite sure that very soon both of these PlayStation games will be available at a setting of 120 frames per second output.

Gamers are intrigued by these possibilities

This is definitely revolutionary that the hacker has made changes in a crucial part of these games’ visual settings. Now even fans are equally intrigued to know whether this patch successfully works out on PlayStation 5. Some people commented that they want Sony to not prioritise frame rates on PlayStation 5- “I wish Sony just uncapped the frame rates on ps5 man.” 

Some fans also commented on how rumors claim that the entire development is just a programmatic thing and Sony has already provided an API for developers to create such interesting patches.

Some gamers were confused with about such mods not being available on the ps4. Clearly, they would’ve liked something as well.

Despite all the remarks some people were also hopeful that Sony might hire all these talented developers and programmers after seeing their capability to bring such incredible changes in-game settings- “You know Sony is seeing all this and just thinking “maybe we hire these guys for our backwards compatibility.”


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At the same time, some gamers are amused about the ability of programmers to make such advancements which ideally should’ve been provided by console makers themselves.


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Despite all the criticism, such modifications or patches for PlayStation 5 games will definitely enhance the visual experience of gamers. 

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