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“But I Don’t Agree With All This Anger”– Ludwig Gives a Fresh Perspective to the Ongoing FaZe Clan OGs vs Grace Van Dien Drama

Published 05/28/2023, 10:30 AM EDT

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The FaZeClan is going through the roughest path in its history. The stocks plummeted in the past months, and layoffs happened. But what was more worrisome for the fans was when the OGs of the clan decided to turn against the organizational heads. Spearheaded by Rain and Banks, tons of criticisms found their way regarding the CEO’s measures, and FaZe Clan’s signing strategies.

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The latest of them was the signing of Stranger Things fame, Grace Van Dien. Soon after rumors started rising, criticisms from OG members like Rain found their way to Grace. Now, as everything is at its epitome, Ludwig offered a new fresh perspective on the ongoing ‘hate’ towards the new addition.

Ludwig thinks the FaZe Clan hate is misplaced


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The current FaZe Clan drama is getting heated with each second. The OG members of the popular organization are critiquing every move the clan currently makes, especially in regard to signing. We recently saw FaZe Rain calling out Nickmercs, and taunting the contributions he made towards the clan. Soon after, his radar fell on their recent signing, Grace Van Dein.

FaZe Rain first gave out the spoiler that Grace will be the newest addition to FaZe Clan. Soon after her arrival was announced, other OG members like Banks came and mocked the decision. There were words exchanged between Grace and FaZe Rain as well, though not directly. Ludwig, who was keenly observing what was going on, has a theory of his own. In that perception, the hate that is coming toward Grace is actually misplaced.


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According to Lud, FaZe Clan posted a Tweet talking about the need to bring talented female streams to the org. But, the decision sort was already made according to Rain, who leaked the new addition. Ludwig thinks that this was a rather flimsy move by Clan because the post did not make any sense, especially as they had already decided to rope in Grace Van Dein.

“They are making a lot of poor decisions. But I don’t agree with all this anger and vitriol towards Grace,” stated Ludwig. He agrees with FaZe Rain and other OG members’ stance about the organization heads, but directing that opposition towards Grace was something that he could not digest.


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“I do think where FaZe is at now, it isn’t good. It is dog s**t and the stock price shows that,” added Ludwig to express his support for what the OGs were stating. ‘Taking out their anger on Grace, which I think is not fair at all,” was still Lud’s stand on the whole drama.

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He pointed out the signing of Snoop Dogg and other similar popular figures into the clan and stated that those signings were not frowned upon, thus indicating a sense of bias in the case of Grace.


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Nevertheless, the current drama mostly won’t subdue anytime soon, especially as there is an internal debacle going on. Fans will have to wait to see what will happen with their beloved eSports organization.

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