Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Easiest Way to Complete the Latest Outbreak Easter Egg

Published 05/21/2021, 12:16 PM EDT

Call of Duty Cold War has taken the name forward of its franchise because of the storyline and its gameplay. The game, being the sixth installment of the Black Ops Franchise, is an ode to the popularity of the game. The devs have added a few Easter eggs in this game, which the gamers want to explore and discover.


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The main Easter Egg comes into play in round three. In round one and two, you just need to stick to the primary aim and prepare for upcoming rounds. One thing you need to take care in Call of Duty Black Ops is that the goal is to get hold of a legendary gun before you move into round five.

This is where the Easter eggs really are. And this is where you need to pay a lot of attention. What you need to do here is locate a radio, which is unmarked in the map. If at all the radio has an orange mark on the map, know that you are working with the wrong radio.


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How to locate the radio

Locate the three amplifiers on the map and change the feedback to match the one that is on the main radio. Also, wait for the message from Samantha once you have matched the feedback from the all radios.

Be alert as the zombies will come towards you when you match the feedback. When you find out the location of the main radio, get the beacon listening device out of it.

Also, get done with the world events in round three because most of your setup is going to come up in round four and six. Once you are done with the world event, go to the machine and click on respond which is the third icon. We advise to not click on warp at any cost.

After this step, you will be teleported to the next location. After you have answered Samantha’s call, start a search for monkeys.

Round four

Once you get into round four, all you need to do is monitor the set of monkeys, specifically on your map and not the other maps. You will have a guide where you can find the monkeys. These locations can be tricky.


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Well, once you shoot the fourth and final monkey, a yellow item will fall out of it. This yellow object will be a set of microfilm slides. Now you need to find a projector on the map.

The projectors are pretty easy to find. The sanatorium has got one, and so does the circular building, just northwest to the sanatorium building, also the armor station building and the admins offices have a projector.

Once you find the projectors, take your micro films to it. Start advancing through them, you’ll find what the omega was experimenting with.

Keep your legendary weapon ready. Once you have done everything up to its mark, be teleported back to Ruka. When you arrive, you need to find Ravenov. The operation in Ruka is the last call to get yourself a set up.

You will have less significant access to packs of punches from here, when you are above ground in the regular map.

Diving into the Missile Silos

Now if you are fully prepared, you need to go for Missile Silos. Got down with the help of an elevator and located Ravenov.

But before you locate Ravenov, you need to lift off the lockdown. After which you see a cutscene. Do not miss out on the cutscene as it is of high knowledge, as they are in each Call of Duty.


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After the cutscene, you will have to locate the launch keys. Head back into the primary hub, and run around in the circle, run away and shoot the mimics. Once you have killed all the mimics, head over to the hallway, and interact with a guy sleeping on a door.

This guy will turn into a mimic who is faster. Once you kill this mimic, you will get your launch key.

Tricks to find out launch keys:

Second launch key is in the B Silo. Interact with the Red Machine, after which you will see Purple Aetherium Crystals all over the place. Shoot these crystals and collect each individual crystal. You’ll be needing 20 of these crystals.


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Once you have collected these 20 crystals, now you need to deposit those in the Red Machine.

Now hold button F to interact with it. Once you have deposited all the 20 crystals, run away and wait for it to cool down. Come back after a while, and the canister should be ready. Take this canister to the D Silo. You’ll see an Aetherium grass patch. Stand on that patch and activate the Burst on that Aetherium canister. Once you’ve done it, the purple jellyfish will suck you in.


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While you are being sucked, you need to grab a key. Just keep smashing your interacting button you will eventually grab a key. The third and final key is in “A Silo”. you need to get up on the balcony and then drop with the help of a parachute towards a purple glowing Aetherium crystal. Now you just need to start the launch sequence.


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