Call of Duty Cold War Launch Day Error and Fix

November 14, 2020 9:21 pm

Call of Duty Cold War was pre-ordered by many, with the only hope to play it on launch day. As it turns out, simply having the game does not mean one can play. Not even if they have previously pre-loaded the game as soon as it was available.

The major reason behind this unfortunate incident is the release of next-gen consoles. The launch of COD Black Ops- Cold War coincided with the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. This has led to a lot of traffic in the servers. Reportedly the servers were working overtime to keep up with the overflowing traffic.

This phenomenon led to error messages on the screens of many who were trying to get in. The overloaded servers did not have a place for them, and error messages popped up. Some of these messages have pretty creative names! The one we are discussing today is called the Error Zed 453 Kinetic Devil.

This message appears when someone tries to load the game before it is entirely installed. It can also occur if the server is overloaded. Nonetheless, we have solutions for it. Read on to find out.

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Fixing Error Zed 453 Kinetic Devil in Call of Duty Cold War

There are two ways around this error. Firstly, make sure the game is fully installed. If you launched the game just after it showed 100% completed, chances are the installation was not complete. Sometimes the installation processes go on for a bit longer than what is shown on the screen.

Give the game couple of minutes to standalone in your console. Search for any additional updates that might to be installed. In some cases it is better to reinstall and start after waiting a few minutes. This generally solves the problem.

Another solution to this error is to wait. In case of overloaded servers, there is absolutely nothing to be done but wait for it to let you in. Ensure you have a good internet connection and maybe try rebooting your router if nothing works. But mainly, patience is the key.

It is expected this problem will last only a few days. Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.

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