Call of Duty Fan Stuns Millions With a Delicious Ghost-Themed Cake

Published 08/30/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

As Call of Duty Modern Warfare ll is approaching near, fans are losing their calm and getting super excited for the game. As for many, the game is nothing more than a sense of childhood returning to them, but with extra love and care put into it.

That is why artists from all around the world are making all different kinds of fan art and mementos for the game, along with them also came a cake. But beware, the cake is a Ghost!


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Call of Duty shares a Ghost cake video

For the readers who might not know, Lt. Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is supposed the main character of the upcoming Call of Duty game Modern Warfare ll. Thus, it is obvious for fans to show their love to the beloved character that gave the required gravitas and layering that was needed in the previous installments of the game.

Therefore a famous Tik-Tok and Instagram cake artist by the name of ‘heavencakeemilie’ created a life-size bust of ‘Ghost’. This sculpture was already amazing to look at when it got even more attention when Call of Duty’s official Instagram handle shared the video with the fans.

After this fans were extremely happy to see such love from both the game and the artist for the character, and thus started commenting on it as well.

Fans had a mouth-watering experience with the Ghost cake

As the video went viral on Instagram, Call of Duty fans were getting more and more surprised to see that the cake looked as real as it gets.


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Many said that it looked delicious, and others pointed out that the artist took the famous “Stay frosting” line rather too seriously.

Notably, Emilie is famous for making amazing cakes and sharing them on their accounts. She had made many such amazing sculptures including the one for the popular anime character Monkey D. Luffy from the generation-defining anime One Piece. As well as the most popular content creator on Tik-Tok as well as other platforms, Khaby Lame.


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Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, the cake looks delicious! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.



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