Call of Duty Fan’s Impressive Feedback on Modern Warfare II Beta Version Gives the Community a Heads Up Before the Official Release

Published 09/20/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

Call Of Duty is one of the biggest and oldest gaming franchises in the world. It caters to millions of run-and-gun fans, giving them an ideal experience of the war field. The game has been a perfect example of how real-life soldiers spend their lives in combat while painting an apt picture of the same. 

A few months back, Activision finally announced the release dates for Modern Warfare II, the latest game in the Call Of Duty series. Fans had anticipated this title for years together as they manifested it every single day. As a result, the franchise finally heard their cries and has kept rolling out content until its official release date, October 28.


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Amidst all that buzz, an avid Call Of Duty fan has dropped a detailed review about MW2, talking about the pros and cons from his perspective. His expressions have swirled around the internet as popular Call Of Duty pages have featured them in their latest tweets. 

Call Of Duty Fan pens down perfect feedback about the upcoming Modern Warfare II

Sometimes in life, video games become much more than a CD as we consider them a part of our lives. We love them with all our heart and soul as we spend countless hours glued to our screens. This also leads us to develop a relationship with the same, pushing us to make random references in our daily lives. However, it is important to understand that not all players have a love/hate relationship with the game. 


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Some always look at it from a neutral point of you, making them talk similarly. ChadVelezis’ recent post can be the perfect example to explain this, as the fan has penned down multiple thoughts about MW2.

Interestingly, Chad has become one of the few people to give feedback without any hate as he broke down the pros and cons, respectively. The fan spoke about various things like TTK, Player Mobility, minimap, ghost, dead silence, perk system, slide canceling, user interface, and many more. He broke them down piece by piece, explaining the best moments and the ones which could be improved. 


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This instantly grabbed the attention of popular Call Of Duty pages, which shared his post on their Twitter handles. Out of all mentions, ModernWarzone, an admired Call Of Duty page, put a dedicated post mentioning him.

With that being said, it was amazing to see the fan pour his heart out in the post, as the majority of the community always picks out flaws instead of practical answers.


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