Call of Duty Mobile: Halloween Update Brings Zombies Back To Isolated

October 30, 2020 10:31 pm

Since Season 4, the only zombies in Call of Duty Mobile came from the Clown class skill. With the Anniversary season Call of Duty Mobile now live, zombies have returned to the game. The most recent mid season update in the game is all about Halloween. Other than zombies on Battle Royale, there are hosts of other freaky themed content in the game.

The Halloween event is going to be a limited time event inside the game. It is all a part of the flamboyant Anniversary season that has brought so much into the game. The recent addition of the new sniper rifle and a new SMG has changed a lot inside ranked games. Further, the meta seems to be shifting from SMGs to Assault Rifles. We saw secret nerfs come to HG-40, arguably the best weapon since the last two seasons.

With this new update comes new modes in the Multiplayer playlist too. And to spice things up like every Thursday, there will be Halloween themed lucky draws too.

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Halloween update in Call of Duty Mobile

New event in Battle Royale: Undead Fog

The event can be played on both Isolated and Alcatraz. From October 29 to November 4, this event will be live inside ranked battle royale games. The maps will be covered in a fog and infested with zombies.

The Call of Duty blog laid out some rewards players can earn by playing the limited time event.

“The influx of zombies will help you complete a brand-new set of challenges based in the Undead Fog event, where you can earn rewards like wingsuit and motorcycle camos along with the Epic ‘Devil’s Horns’ Calling Card for completing 10 Battle Royale tasks.”

New Lucky Draws

Two new lucky draws are in the game with this update. One will bring back the AK-47 Pumpkin Head and the other M4 Court Jester. Players can obtain the Hachi sword from the lucky draw as well.

In addition, this update marks the return of Attack of the Undead, another zombie themed mode. Also check out ‘Pumpkin Confirmed’ and Halloween Standoff throughout this limited time event.

Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.

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