Call of Duty Mobile Map Broken and Secret Spots Revealed

December 31, 2020 8:03 pm

Call of Duty Mobile’s recent update released the Black Ops 4 map, Nuketown Russia, into the game. The community reacted positively to this inclusion, since this map is a fan-favorite. However, just like every CoDM map, this one also has certain glitches.

YouTuber iFerg, who has notoriously broken every CoDM map ever, was quick to do the same with this one. He shows us the map even outside the combat zone, and frankly, we agree with him when he says, “This map is so beautiful.”

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How to go outside the combat zone in Nuketown Russia in Call of Duty Mobile

Exploring Nuketown Russia outside of the combat zone is a lot simpler than it sounds. However, make sure to do it in a private match, since doing so in a public match with other players might be unethical.

All you need to go outside the combat zone is a Shield Turret and a Transform Shield equipped in your loadout. After you get enough kills to activate them, go to the edge of the map a little away from the mid map region.

(Image Credits: iFerg)

There, you simply need to place the Shield Turret at the edge of the fence and then turn it over when you pick it up. Once you are out of the combat zone, make sure you place your Transform Shield, and then you can run wild! Explore every nook and corner of the map as much as you want to.

Of course, you can only do this for some time before you die for being outside the combat zone. There is, however, another spot from where you can go outside the combat zone. It is on the opposite end of the map, right here.

(Imagge Credits: iFerg)

The procedure to go outside the map is the same as before. However, it might take you more than a single attempt to do it.

Without a doubt, Nuketown Russia is a beautiful map even outside the combat zone. We only wish we could explore it further without dying.

Let us know whether these tricks worked for you!

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