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Call of Duty Mobile: New Battle Royale Map is an American Prison

Call of Duty Mobile: New Battle Royale Map is an American Prison

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is turning out to be the best season ever. Apart from all the fresh additions in Multiplayer, a lot is happening in Battle Royale. In fact, the season launched with a EMP rocket blasting off the Launch Base in ‘Isolated’.

The first day in the season saw ‘Isolated’ closed with the sign, ‘Under EMP Attack’. The new map, Alcatraz, is now officially playable. Alcatraz was the second and last Blackout map in Black ops 4. It came out in 2019 for console and PC.

Alcatraz is inspired from the real life prison island in San Francisco Bay. It hosted a federal prison till 1963. Blackout proved to be a failure as a battle royale campaign for Activision, but the map was well-loved by most.

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How Alcatraz is changing Call of Duty Mobile

Its inclusion in CODM also seems to work out in the game’s favor. After 10 seasons with only one BR map, this inclusion is turning out to be a fresh one. Even the gameplay is a lot different in Alcatraz from the regular battle royale.

First, the map is a lot smaller than Isolated. Only 40 players drop in, all in squads, and fight against the closing zone amidst prison grounds. The game play is a lot fast paced as players run into each other right after dropping in.

Second, there is a major change in how the life of a player works. Previously, players could revive their teammates when downed. If killed, they could collect tags and revive them and have them drop back in. Here each player has five automatic redeploys when killed. They even drop with a gun and minimum ammunition.

But there is a limitation with the redeployment. Players will only be redeployed when there are over 5 teams left. So if you are wondering why you didn’t redeploy with four lives left in the last circle, now you know.

Further to that, Operator classes cannot be pre-selected now. They are available as loot in Alcatraz. Ballastic ammo is a new kind of ammo added in BR. It works on Annihilators and other moded guns.

This is probably the best shape Call of Duty Mobile has been since its launch last year. The Anniversary season reflects how far the game has come while not being afraid to experiment with stable modes.

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