Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass and Rank Rewards Revealed

Published 05/27/2021, 8:14 AM EDT

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is live from today. This season we are back in a ‘wild-west’ theme, similar to the one we saw in last year’s Season 4. This season will also see the beginning of Series 2 of ranked multiplayer. While Battle Pass season lasts only a month, the ranked series will last for 60 days.


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Season 4: Spurned and Burned comes with 50 tiers of new Battle Pass content. In the Battle Pass, players can unlock the new gun in the game. MK2 Carbine marksman rifle is officially in CoDM now. Free-to-play players can unlock it from level 21 of the Battle Pass. With the premium pass there is also an epic blueprint of the MK2 available at tier 50, MK2- Brushstroke.

The premium Battle Pass also comes loaded with four other epic blueprints keeping the ‘wild-west’ theme in the design.


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  • M4-Spurred
  • Razorback- Stirrup
  • AGR 556- Western Crown
  • RUS-79U- Wretched

The premium pass will also unlock four Operator skins, all in the wild west theme.

  • Alex—Bounty Hunter
  • Morte—Conciliatore
  • Scarlett Rhodes—Carmine
  • Scylla- Dusted

Other items include Charms, Backpacks, Emote, calling cards, avatar, and frames. There are a lot of free rare and common cosmetics to unlock. Players will just need to play the game daily to earn Battle Pass XP to get the rewards.

Finally, players with a bit more to spare can go after the Battle Pass bundle to get four unique items.

  • Charm- Cactus
  • Shovel- Sandy Spade
  • Frame- Castus Frame
  • Avatar- Cactus Buddy

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Call of Duty Mobile Series 2 ranked rewards revealed

Call of Duty Mobile also launched the new ranked series with the new season. The new series will also have many rewards for the players who take up the challenge to grind up the ladder. There was a rumor about an extra rank coming to the new series but today we saw no change of the sort. Below are the significant ranked rewards to look forward to in both multiplayer and Battle Royale.


  • Pro V- Series 2 Charm
  • Master III- KN44- Championship Mindset
  • Legendary- 2021 Series 2 Frame


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Battle Royale

  • Pro V- Seraph Avatar
  • Master III- Seraph- Precious Metal
  • Legendary- Calling card- 2021 Series 2

Ranked Series 2 will end after 60 days, so start grinding both the modes to claim all the rewards in the limited time.


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