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Call Of Duty Mobile: Understanding the Camo System

Call Of Duty Mobile: Understanding the Camo System

The pre-season update in Call Of Duty Mobile introduced the players to Gunsmith and the Camo system. Both of these new additions changed a lot of dynamics in the game. Mobile FPS games never had any options to customize guns before this.

Call Of Duty games on PC and console had these features for years. Its introduction into mobile gaming was a revolution of its own.

Gunsmith allows players to customize guns however they want. Imagine turning an SMG into an AR by adding longer barrels and drum mags. The possibilities are endless.

Players can upgrade a gun with various customizations by grinding more and more with that particular gun. The other way around is to use XP cards, but that is not advisable as unlike previously, to max out a gun’s level now it requires a ton of cards.

All the rare and uncommon skins a player possessed earlier have now been turned into camos. All the epic and legendary skins are now blueprints. Apart from that, there are various other grindable camos for every weapon. Even the secondary ones like knives, pistols, SMRS, and FHJs.

In the picture above, displayed on the left side, is a list. However, the image is from the Beta version of the game. In the actual update, it says ‘camos’ not ‘concept’.

Every camo has 10 varieties of its own. Every single camo opens after you complete a particular challenge. For example, Sand camos open with a number of kills. Similarly, there are headshot challenges, crouch and kill, killstreaks, and other challenges to avail of all the camos.

In the end comes the completionist camo. This includes two camos: Gold and Platinum. You earn the gold camo by unlocking all other camos of a particular gun.

On the other hand, the platinum camo is unlocked when a player unlocks all the gold camos of a particular gun type. So to unlock the Platinum M4, you will have to turn all other ARs into gold first.

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That is not the end. There is another camo which you can get. It is the toughest to get camo ever, the Damascus Camo. To procure the Damascus camo all your guns and other weapons have to be Gold and Platinum.

That means your entire armory needs to be turned into gold and platinum. Imagine the grind that a player will have to go through to get to Damascus.

This picture is from Reddit. The screenshot shows how the Damascus camo will look inside of the game once it is unlocked. The shine on the weapons is a lot better in the new update.

These two additions to the game will change a lot around how the game was previously played. Grinding camos in ranked matches will be difficult so people will play a lot of pub matches. Previously it was mostly bots on pub matches.

Secondly, the weapons you didn’t prefer previously will be a lot more powerful inside the game. Expect to see yourself surprised with the Chicom or XPR-50 after a visit to the Gunsmith.

The new update went live 2 days ago. This current season, ‘Conquest’ gets over in 23 days. Start grinding now.

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