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Valeria Deserves a Major Comeback in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Sequel Amid Rumors of a Ghost Spin-Off Campaign at Infinity Ward

Published 12/04/2022, 8:00 AM EST

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Call of Duty franchise is famously known for its characters ever since the first game was launched in the action saga, nearly two decades ago. However, when it comes to making a big impression, some of the names have succeeded in attracting a huge fanbase.

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Modern Warfare II is a clear example of that which not only brings back a classic operator like Ghost, but also reveals a new villainous character in Valeria Garza.


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Without a doubt, Valeria has broken the internet since her debut in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s campaign. Playing a leader of a drug cartel, her unmatched style and charisma has swayed most of the players. Although Infinity Ward’s blockbuster game showed an end of her arc towards the climax, her story is not done yet – not at all. Technically speaking, it has just begun unfolding.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: Valeria Garza should return with a Modern Warfare 3 title

In Modern Warfare II, Valeria Garza initially poses as El Sin Nombre (meaning the nameless one in Spanish), while being a leader of a drug cartel known as Las Almas. However, when she’s captured by Soap and Alejandro, it’s revealed that she was actually a former member of the Mexican Special Forces.

Not only that, Valeria even served alongside Alejandro himself, as he tells about their past experience during the interrogation in ‘Deal With the Devil’ sequence of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. She had conducted a coup during the escort mission of the previous Las Almas leader. After assassinating him, she became the new boss and the drug lady.


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Towards the end of the Campaign, Valeria is rescued by the Task Fore 141 members, including Alejandro, from the custody of Shadow Company. While being sent for imprisonment, she taunts them that she cannot be locked inside forever. Plus, she even challenges them that because of the lack of evidence against her, she will be free in under 24 hours.

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This moment alone is enough to indicate that Valeria might, and should, return the next time when Call of Duty Modern Warfare II gets a sequel. There have been reports already that Infinity Ward is working on a separate spin-off campaign for the operator Simon “Ghost” Riley.

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However, it’s not yet known whether this spin-off is the premium DLC campaign content or not. It is expected to be released next year to continue MWII ahead. If that’s the case indeed, then Valeria’s backstory can also be explored in a better way with a standalone offering.


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It’s very clear that the ‘ending’ of Modern Warfare II has left the door open for multiple possibilities. And if Valeria happens to make a comeback, either as part of a DLC or a sequel in Modern Warfare 3, players will be delighted for sure. After all, she’s already become an iconic character in the history of Call of Duty, within a month!

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